08.03.2014 – Intreaga lume impotriva ucigasilor de caini (video de la proteste)

08.03.2014 – Intreaga lume a protestat impotriva ucigasilor de caini din Romania. Desi exista solutii eficiente si umane, de 25 de ani Romania alege crima. Acum ne stie intreaga lume. Inainte eram hoti, acum suntem ucigasi. E timpul sa schimbam imaginea Romaniei in lume si sa alegem viata. E timpul sa stergem pata insangerata de pe obrazul Europei civilizate si sa spunem Stop crimei! Da sterilizarii! Nu avem dreptul sa-i lasam pe extremistii ucigasi sa ne compromita imaginea tarii si sa distruga normalitatea.

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A man was beaten and his dog was killed by two punks!!!! Bleeding Romania. The truth about stray dogs from Romania (graphic images)

Update 10.03.2014 Those are two videos from public shelter Mihailesti where dogs from Bucharest are taken. You can see how dog catchers treat dogs in 21st century.

Update 03.03.2014 -Dead puppies found in Deva. You see in picture a police officer or something like that. Don’t worry, they don’t really do anything to find people who did this.


source: http://www.glasul-hd.ro/Deva-Mai-mul%C5%A3i-c%C3%A2ini-au-fost-g%C4%83si%C5%A3i-mor%C5%A3i-la-P%C4%83durea-Bejan-Cadavrele-a-trei-pui-de-c%C3%A2ine-au-fost-g%C4%83site-aliniate-pe-platoul-de-l%C3%A2ng%C4%83-p%C4%83dure_12_17860.html

Dog thrown from a car in front of Aulin shelter from Pitesti. (source: facebook.com)Pitesti


source for the above picture with he dog dumped in the canal: facebook.com

Update 02.03.2014 http://mapofhope.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/blutrunstige-warter-in-bragadiru/

Update 01.03.2014: a teacher was beaten and his dog was killed in front of him by two punks : http://www.vrn.ro/profesorul-valeriu-arnautu-daramat-psihic. Every day dogs are killed with cruelty and people are abused. 

This happens just because an extremist group called IREC who instigates to killing stray dogs are sustained by politicians, local authorities and romanian media. You can read now who is IREC and what is their hidden agenda here. That’s all about money, a big amount who is now directed to killing stray dogs (in Bucharest more than 7.000.000 euros). In public shelter dogs are not killed with lehal injection, but the money are “spent” on lethal injection, so we wonder where are our money?

Make sure that this document is read by all your friends so everybody knows what really happens in Romania. Thank you.

Update 11.02.2014: READ, SIGN AND SHARE!


Update 27.01.2014. I can’t post all horror pictures and videos that I see, because this is too much for me, but I try to update this page for you to see how is made euthanasia in Romania and why we fight so hard to stop it for good. The picture below was taken on 25.01.2014 in the PUBLIC SHELTER BOTOSANI, ROMANIA! Anothe every day “exception”. And now the most important news is that in Bucharest, local authorities want to violate the Constitution of Romania and human rights by entering with force and by the power of a local law on private properties to take dogs that have no pedigree. Can you believe that? Human rights means nothing in Romania and we dare to ask rights for animals!!!


Update 18.01.2013http://rostrays.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/an-illegal-public-shelter-for-strays-discovered-in-bragadiru-romania/

Update 15.01.2013 – “just” another every day “exception”


Update 06.01.2013 – In 2013 the Romanian Parliament admitted that it is so incompetent and corrupt, by promoting a sick law who legalized the slaughter of stray dogs. But this is not all they have done. They did many bad things and for all these they were awarded. They have nothing to be proud of, but believe me that they don’t give a fuck. They will continue doing what they know to do: killing innocent animals and people for money and distroying normality!


Update 18.12.2013 – Animals lovers under siege! We are dragged to police, beaten and killed just because in Romania is normal to treat like this a good person. As we speak a criminal complain was made on our names and we are threatened and harassed by the person who made this  complain. Romanian media, as always harassed us too because it is so dirty and corrupt and love scandals especially those who involve attacks over good people. But, we will never stop fighting and we ask you to share this page for all EU countries find out the truth about us and to know that our rights are violated in Romania. We don’t exist for media and politicians, but when they feel threatened by us because we share the truth they take care to annihilate us in any possible way! This is fucking Romania! This is bleeding Romania! We are tortured, beaten, threatened and even killed because we dare to exercise our right to compassion!

Craiova woman beaten

A veterinarian beaten because she fed a stray dog


Persons entering in a woman yard and killed her dog with cruelty


Dogs of a homeless woman, all her wealth were taken from her although they didn’t bother anyone and the woman took good care of them


NEW CASES OF ANIMAL CRUELTY IN ROMANIA! Today (4.12.2013) some MEP’s who came to Romania to talk to our authorities will tell you that everything is all right with stray dogs, that they are “killed with love”. Meanwhile you have to find out the truth. On 1st December 2013, the Romania’s National Day, in Vatra Dornei many dogs were shot in plain city. This is reality! You can choose to believe MEP’s of your country or to watch the images who speak ONLY the truth! You can see below new pictures with animal cruelty from public shelters from Romania.

Below you have some pictures from Breasta, the Public Shelter of Olguta Vasilescu the mayor of Craiova. She says that in Breasta is a five star shelter. In fact you can see the truth!

source of information:




Vatra DOrnei Breasta

ramnicu valceaDog catcher abuses

UPDATE 24! In Romania, vets who want to do their job of saving lives will be punished. If they won’t respect the law to mass kill with cruelty stray dogs they will be punish! This is the new HITLER!

UPDATE 23! In PITESTI, dogs catcher broke a dog  spinal column in two after they hunted him on the streets and he was hit by a car! They left him there to die! The vet who killed 4000 dogs in 2001 by injecting formalin or strychnine  regain his job to kill again! A person who saw the dog catcher hunting had to receive medical help. WHY DOESN’T EU WANT TO STOP THIS???? FUCK YOU EU!

Update 22: Dog neutered in a public shelter/slaughter house from Bucharest, Pallady (please click on the below link for pictures). Here you have a translation of the article: “The dog was recently adopted the “shelter” Pallady. Besides digestive infection, serious infection of the ear, this unfortunate dog was “sterilized” by a simple cut on testicles!? Cut, not knowing what was done, was not then sewed! The dog was given for adoption with this open wound. Manifesting agonizing pain, the dog was taken to a private veterinarian where the cut was sewn. Doctors here have said they have not seen before such “surgery” sterilization, that contravenes any ethical and medical practices.”


Update 21: Someone told me to tell you what means euthanasia in Romania, so I will. The law permit killing dogs by shooting them, gassing them, broking their neck, poisoning them. That’s why cruelty against animals are now legal and those cases I posted here are now normal in Romania. As the matter of fact you have a video below to see what is happening in public shelters right now. It is a video from 2010, when euthanasia was illegal, but they still did it like this. Now that it is legal, can you imagine what’s happening? Thank you Vasile Bergmann for helping me share with the whole world the truth!

This is “normal” and LEGAL in Romania! Now, please SHARE!

or maybe you want more:

Update 20:  Some old and new pictures from the hell. The Craiova public hell. I meant shelter. Can you believe that in Romania shelter is equal with slaughter?

This is only in our imagination? (click on this link please to see the pictures)

Update 19: Not just dogs are tortured. Cats are also tortured. Police do nothing because authorities and politicians are very happy with this situation

IT IS GETTING WORSE….(emails provided)
Unbelievable acts of cruelty on CATS in Sighet _ Maramures County.
Unbelievable cases of cruelty in the Unirii neighborhood in the city. Many tenants have complained that somebody tortures the animals around the apartment building nr.8. Tens of cats have been killed or mutilated in that area. People are horryfied and can not believe that this can happen.
Everything started last Summer, when people found in front of their garages mutilated cats. The first incident happened in August, when Ion Popovics, who lives in that area, found in front of his garage a cat with the throat slashed, and a few more with their spine broken or killed by darts. Since then the nightmare continues.
“I coud dsave one, but there were some I could not save. Some had the darts in their stomachs, in their spine, they did not survived. Some had their throats slashed right here on this stone, some were struck on their deads. ” said Ion Popovics.

“This is who they kill them. Thugs. They are living beings, they have souls ” said another tenant from that area.

Around the building nr.8 there are many feral cats, who live now cared by the people. They also say that they saw strangers passing by and abandoning cats in their area.
“people from the rural area come here, abandon the animals, and the cats run everywhere…” continued Ion Popovics.

The people who,live in that area helped the cats the best they could.Some would take even more of them home, but in an apartment building it is hard to have too many animals. Who are the ones who are capable of cush curelty, people do not know, but they suspect to be a young man who allegedly confessed about the killing because someone made him get rid of the cats because they are noisy.

“He said that one woman told him to kill the cats, because there are too many, she can not sleep because of them and because the black cats harm people “

People living in that area are powerless because they were never able be there when these acts of cruelty happen.

Update 18: And this is another skeleton from public shelter from Craiova. The mayor Lia Olguta Vasilescu say that 3 cases of cruelty against animals in her shelter means nothing and she says that we lie. Please can you see a lie in this picture? Do you think that this dog was lying? This dog died! Because of this Cruella de Craiova.

craiova public shelter oct 2013

Update 17: This is a dog catcher/killer from Targu Neamt

dog catcher Targu Neamt

Update 16: These pictures are from 2012, but you can easily imagine what is happening now when the murder is legalized and the animal cruelty became normal in Romania?

Targu Neamt public shelter 2012

Update 15: About Ploiesti public shelter! (from Romania the land of death)

So, the new Director of the ZOO Ploiesti and also of the public shelter for stray dogs BUCOV , DECIDED to KILL all the dogs after 14 days…This person, wants people to believe that this new law is ONLY ABOUT KILLING DOGS…and she seems SO EAGER TO DO IT…Ploiesti si already NOTORIOUS for thewaves of mass poisonings of stray dogs and counteless acts of cruelty to animals which nobody ever punished..( emails porvided at the end of the info ).NOW< here she comes, the new “angel” of DEATH and her “buddies”…Look in the video bellow, not only how these despicable employees treat people, BUT, at the minute 1:3o YOU CAN SEE very well how on of these entities THROWS the partially tranquilized dog in the car…BARBARIANS…SO, this might be the new image for this city…
http://youtu.be/040eVL2xLMY min 1:30 on
Also, articles in the media about the COUNTLESS complains about the ABUSE OF POWER of this woman, WHO , although the shelter IS overcrowded, she BANNED the adoptions and also BANNED people from retreiving their own dogs…
It is OBVIOUS that local authorities HIRE only those people who DO NOT CARE AT ALL about animals, the more sadistic the mor FIT fro the JOB….We have a message for her…READ THE LAW LADY…it is NOT a single-article law…even that article for “euthanasia” is NOT the way you THINK it is.
So, you decided to take radical measures, to completely disregard all the other articles in the law, and to start the killing …so you decided to become a DOGS KILLER…Nice…

Update 14: Cruelty against animals is now legal. Police officers attack us, instead of those who torture animals. This is an enormous wave of animal cruelty and authorities are very happy. This never happened in Romania at this level. Euthanasia means killing dogs with cruelty and politicians are very happy because they created a violent nation. Please be very afraid of the children that will be raised in this way. They will be your children neighbor because they have the liberty to come to your country but they are educated to be cruel to all living beings.

Galati 18.10.2013

Update 13:

Found in Targu Mures, Romania on 17

Update 12: This is what a facebook romanian user tell on the wall: “Dog catchers’ abuse – SHARE so that everyone know
This morning ( 15.oct ) I was with my dog outside in front of my appartment building … where I have an enclosed garden and I let her free to do her buisness and I stayed inside the building as it was raining .
The dog catchers appeared and they rushed upon her and took her away while I was pushed away and assaulted while I was explaining she was my dog but they didn’t care and told me I have to go to Mihailesti dog pound tomorrow to recover her.
Today I got in my car and I went to Mihailesti where I was not granted acces inside, but was again abbused, cursed, laughed at … they said they can not return her to me today … although I had her health book , the identification number attached to her ear … but THEY JUST WOULDN’T GIVE ME BACK MY DOG. (she was my property and THIS WAS AN ABUSE )
I have mention that I got there at 14 o’clock and adoption program was up until 15.00 . At 14:30 came the dog catchers with the car in which my dog was enclosed , shut the doors , 15.00 o’clock passed, and they kept saying that they will not give her back today and that I should go to Sorin Oprescu (Bucharest’s mayor) to give her to me.
Meanwhile two old women were also at the shelter and they were not allowed to enter inside , it was 15:05 and they said adoptions program is over and that they can not recover their dog, the women started crying ,they had come by taxi up there and they were not even allowed to look inside and see if their dog was there.
There is no street sign for Mihailesti dog pound, it’s very difficult to reach even by car … and there you are not allowed to go in, even if you want to adopt a dog .
I’ll come back tomorrow with information , I hope to recover my dog.
Such abuses are not normal , everything there happens for 220 RON they recive for every dog caught .
Not only does it encourage adoption , but they put obstacles for those who want to adopt a dog , and now I can not get out of the house or with my own dog because they take him from in front of me.

Dog catchers’ abuse – Day 2 ( 16.oct.2013 )
At 9:40 I was at the shelter at Mihailesti , there was also someone for 10 o’clock in order to take their dog.
At 10 o’clock the porter came and asked us our names and told us that staff have to come we can get the dogs.
ASPA staff ( the two doctors and some guys ) came in at 10:25 , I waited 1 hour for them to change and drink their coffees , smoke … all the while keeping us at the gate, not allowing us to go inside .
I walked in and was asked in which car my dog was and how I knew that they had her and wewre very shocked that I knew the registration number of the car.
I went accompanied in the shelter where dogs were kept, there was a terrible smell , and very noisy .
As I walked through I saw dogs in kennels almost dead,they were so skinny you could see their ribs, they were drooling , standing in their own feces and a female at that exact moment was giving birth and her placenta was hanging, she was extremely weak ,you could see she was very sick . I found my dog and they told me that I can not take her out until the papers are done, so I went out again after I identified the box in which she was closed was .
No filming or photos are allowed inside because all dogs are in terrible shape , is an extermination camp and they are simply hiding all this to continue reciving money.
The doctor came and asked me to fill out a statement ( she refused to identify herself) . She told me to write down that I am adopting a common breed dog from the streets , but I told her that it was MY DOG and that I was CLAIMING her not ADOPTING her , and the doctor said : ” you have to write this way because we don’t allow claims anymore.”I refused to write adopt and I still wrote down CLAIM. She was trying to fool me so as to cover their own ass.
I waited outside for my dog to be brought out and she was in terrible shape , dirty , with injuries to the neck from the way they caught her, the ear was bleeding from the iddentification number pinned on it , she had been terrified, hungry , very thirsty and dehydrated .
Meanwhile George Sisu, security guard (he was the only one with a iddentification badge ) told me to shut up and do as told or I would not get my dog back.
After I put my dog in the car I tried to talk again to the doctor but was told that since I had recoverd my dog there was nothing more to talk about.
PLEASE I need help to promote what has happend to me and what is happening to the dogs in Mihailesti dog pound.
In the shelter there remained my dog’s stray “brother” Puricel (Flea) who was staying outside the apparment building and was cared for by people living there, he is brown, medium size (see the first photo in the album). He also needs someone to adopt him so he can be taken out of that horrible place while it is still possible. If someone can adopt him I will accompany you to the dog pound.
I also saw Golden Retriver puppies, Border Collie, Husky, many dogs and they all need to be taken out. Please let us mobilize to do something.
These abuses are not supposed to happen, what shocked me was the resignation of other people who were there, their belief that they can’t fight the public authorities.
Yes the police WILL NOT TAKE ACTIONS, they were there when my dog was taken from outside my building and they told me that they could take her because she wasn’t wearing a leash.
We need to mobilize and act , this is the most important.
I was humiliated, I went through a trauma both me and my dog , WHO PAYS FOR ALL THIS?”

Update 11: A poor man is killed after he ate poisoned sausages for dogs in Islaz, Teleroman, Romania! Dozens of stray dogs were killed too. How many proves do you want EU to take actions? How many people and animals should die for you to take action? Those people have no rights? We have no right? Our right of living without tortures or our right of simply living is banned in Romania!


Update 10: Please see those videos too. It is important to see how dogs are euthanized in public shelter, to see how they treat us when we want to adopt a dog from public shelter and to see what stray dogs business means. Do you still believe that this is a joke? You will see dogs killed with cruelty on public shelters when euthanasia was banned in Romania. Can you imagine what’s happening now when it is legal to kill like this?







Update 9: This is also Romania. 3 abandoned newborn puppies thrown from a car in Arad – 13.10.2013, This is also an act of cruelty against animals. One puppy is very sick.


Update 8: A 68 years old woman was beaten on 15.09.2013 by dogs catchers. She has to go to hospital. They admitted but they were waiting for woman complain otherwise they were not going to accuse those man or to fire them. This happened in Mangalia, Romania. Again, this is Romania!



Update 7: http://cronicazilei.info/masacrul-cainilor-fara-strapan-a-inceput-si-in-dragasani-otrava-lasata-prin-oras-a-secat-in-chinuri-groaznice-viata-a-zeci-de-maidanezi/


Update 6: 


I hear that our politicians speak with yours and tell them that we lie. Please let me remind you that this picture are not made in Photoshop and that they are very real. Unfortunately!

Those dogs are seen at countryside in Romania. With 1 m chain or tortured.  They are usually fed with some bread. Never neuter or sterilized, their puppy end in city parks or markets. First picture is from Buzau and the second one is from Barlad. After those picture you can see this years pictures


This is a “dangerous” stray dog from Romania. Someone told me that this dog was poisoned. We don’t know for sure, but nothing surprise me. I imagine the pain of those children when they found out that their friend was killed.

Update 5: Another skeleton dog saved from the public shelter from Craiova, Romania 09.10.2013


Update 4:  A sweet girl saved from a public shelter today 08.10.2013. For this skeleton, authorities say that they spend 100 euros/month


Update 3: Another case of animal cruelty! 03.10.2013. And another news. Romanian local shelter abused people who went there to adopt dogs. They didn’t let them adopt dogs, they called cops and they announced that all dogs will be slaughtered. This happened in MIhailesti  a local shelter next to Bucharest, Romania. Please share this to all your friends! Thank you!




Update 2: NEW CASE OF CRUELTY! A dog was hit in head with an ax on 28 september 2013


Update 1: At the end of this article you will see a picture of a dog burned with acid. He was found in Bucharest at the beginning of this month October 2013. We have so many “exceptions”, that they became rules. I ask once again the intervention of EU. All those who can help us, are entitled to print this article and show everywhere. Thank you!

Romania is the only country in Europe in which:
- Dogs are abused and killed with impunity, and this is something normal;

- The new law of killing stray dogs permit to kill them by electrocuting, gassing with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, argon or potassium chloride or penetrating captive bolt
- Orthodox Church instigate cruel killing of dogs (even on the Easter Holidays) (Not all priests, but most of them do this. It all started with the head of this church Patriarch Daniel);
- By law, dogs can be slaughtered on the spot, without giving them the change of being adopted (the recently ratified law has a backdoor that allows this);
- The media openly instigate torturing, killing of animals and violence against animal lovers, and this is welcomed by the authorities who ought to monitor and punish them instead;
- The careless parents and grandparents receive congratulations and are treated as national heroes, while the blame is always directed towards weather conditions, animals, cars, etc.
- Parents send their 7-year children to buy cigarettes and booze, and if they happen to be somehow attacked by humans or animals (domestic or wild), parents have absolutely no guilt;
- State-owned dog-shelters are rather concentration camps (the food is stolen and sold by the dog-catchers; dogs do not receive any water, are overcrowded, about 20 into a paddock; they have to eat each other and the easiest diseases are eradicated by killing);
- Dog-catchers (they are not vets, but Gypsies paid the minimum wage, who know nothing about animal behavior) use primitive methods of catching dogs – pliers to crush the throat of the dogs, in front of children, or chains that break the necks of the animals when dogs get scared and violently pull in all directions;
- Catching dogs is left to the reach of anyone, even companies that normally offer dental services have won contracts with municipalities and more recently, mayors pay 5-10 lei (1-2 euro) per dog caught and brought to the hall to be killed. Most times dogs are brought already dead, the killing methods being the most cruel (poisoning, shooting, electrocution, hitting with a shovel or hammer straight into the head, stabbing, etc.)
- Children are taught to abuse and kill small animals, especially dogs. In an interview during a pro-killing dogs protest, several kids were asked what they would do to dogs. Most of them replied they would shoot them, although dogs had never done them any harm, furthermore some even admitted they loved dogs and they were dragged there by parents who sadistically wanted to kill dogs.
- Animal welfare is a totally unknown concept, although there are regulations in the European Union and Romania even ratified a treaty which established that animals are sentient beings and have the right to be treated with love and compassion
- Children who love animals and their parents who educate their children in this way have no rights, but instead they are subjected daily to extreme psychological torture just because they are good people, loving life and respect all beings created by God and know how to treat animals so they live in peace with all beings whose habitat man invaded
- Animals abandoned on the streets are treated as objects or recyclable bottles, although man himself is guilty of this situation
- There is absolutely no abandon prevention program, although at city level there is a Local Council decision that all dogs with or without owner should be neutered, micro-chipped and registered in a database (this decision has been made only 3 months ago, this year, but it has not been implemented yet)
- Dog-related business are very prosperous business – local authorities breed dogs in state-owned shelters or encourage abandonment, then release dogs back in the streets, then hire companies to catch dogs back, hold them in shelters,  steal and sell their food, no water and no medical care (although on paper everything is perfect, but the photos tell the whole truth) , adoption programs are not advertised at all in the public media or in any other media, then dogs are killed with a shovel (on paper they are euthanized with expensive 200 euros worth chemicals) and incinerated for some more money and that has happened for the last 20 years and more.
- Those who should control and punish such abuses are corrupted and make fun of those who report cases of animal abuse
- Police encourages criminals who mistreat or cruelly kill animals, letting them get away with these illegal acts, while having fun watching these acts of cruelty
- Police abuse animal lovers instead of protecting them
- Local authorities allocate millions each year for tackling abandoned dogs, but in reality this money goes into the large pockets of politicians, who then shout back there’s no money left for neutering, only a few left for euthanizing.
- Animals are killed in the street (in the rural area that is something normal), dogs are bound with a 1 m long chain, instead of collar dogs are given rusty wire to hold their neck, and beaten to death if they dare to eat Romanian peasant’s chicken.
- Dogs are treated as practice targets, and if they found in the woods, they are shot on spot. Registered hunters even entered inside city limits, invited by mayors to shoot dogs
- Animal welfare organizations are forbidden to attend any euthanasia of dogs held in state-owned shelters
- Dogs that bark are considered aggressive
- Dog-catchers beat animal lovers
- Whores and junkies are well-respected representatives and leaders of those seeking cruel death of dogs and the Romanian Mothers’ Association worshiper and follow them
- Justice pre-empt, ignores witnesses’ statements and challenge obvious evidence

In 2013, Romania took a step back , adopting a law that allows cruel slaughters of dogs (unfortunately this is the translation of euthanasia in Romania), supposedly after 14 days , but in reality dogs can be killed on the spot if there are no funds to shelter them for 14 days.
This measure was enforced during 2001-2007 by Traian Basescu, then the mayor of the capital city of Bucharest, who is now the president (who instantly  promulgated the new law), when only in Bucharest over 140,000 dogs were killed by injection of air into the heart or other cruel methods, while the amount of money the mayor paid for this raised up to 9,000,000 euro, a cruel measure that not only failed to diminished the number of dogs on the street, but instead it increased the number and thus enhanced violence on humans and animals.
During 2010-2013, since the campaign of killing dogs has resumed, three people have been killed when trying to protect abused dogs. Comments on the press articles were horrifying. Most congratulated those who had killed people trying to protect those “bitches”.

Animal lovers’ children have no rights; they are subjected to unimaginable torture. Every day, when people leave the house, they find bodies of poisoned dogs and Internet and media roar of methods to do that.

If you want to know HELL, come to ROMANIA!

This is a “normal” day for our children! They see hundreds of stray dogs and not only are poisoned every day.


(thank you Ana Maria for helping me translate this article)

A romanian dogs killer told me that this article is not true. Because of that I will add pictures with dogs “euthanized” only this year from september 2013 till now.  They are from Bucharest, Moreni Dambovita, Cluj, Covasna, Targu Jiu, Brasov,  the puppy with blood on his nose is from a local shelter, Bragadiru, Botosani (this year picture and 2011 picture when 220 dogs where brutally killed in one night – bags were full of blood), Galati, Macesti-Dambovita.

beaten by dogs catcher 1378449_601676746557884_862352245_n      1186283_3618011704357_182317643_n  1208906_3616067855762_457058610_n  cluj1234058_3651579583533_775421126_n  1234653_3616133137394_1727665328_n 1235921_3651579543532_1737225659_n  1236174_3616067895763_678285587_n 1238088_3625619294542_1283045114_n 1238310_3625592253866_1872476280_n 1239694_3619054250420_1553051888_n  1255176_3616133097393_373328231_n  1379615_3676062355587_782874391_n 1380371_3663070990811_1840584170_n Botossani 2011   1236176_3600255580465_167786778_n     craiova cut-paws-brasov dambovita-sar-marcesti  galati local-shelter-romania moreni-dambovita romania2   romania sector-6-bucuresti targu-jiu


raped-dog-constanta bucuresti-calea-grivitei-octombrie-2013-acid zgarda-incarcnata

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Singura masura eficienta, civilizata si umana de management al populatiei canine: sterilizarea cainilor cu si fara stapan!

Mesaj pentru primari, politicieni, pentru oameni si ne-oameni mai ales, pentru toti cei care s-au saturat de minciuni, pentru toti cei care doresc sa stie ce s-a facut pana acum si ce se poate face in privinta managementului populatiei canine, pentru rezolvarea in mod eficient, civilizat si uman a unei probleme care timp de 22 de ani a fost gestionata in mod ineficient prin asa-zisa eutanasiere.

Singura masura eficienta, civilizata si umana de management al populatiei canine: sterilizarea cainilor cu si fara stapan!


“Atata timp cat oamenii masacreaza animale, se vor omori si unii pe altii. Cu siguranta, cel care sadeste samanta omorului nu poate culege bucurie si dragoste.”

1. Doresc iubitorii de animale caini pe strada?

NU! Din motive uneori similare, alteori diferite de cei a caror singura preocupare in ultimul timp este uciderea cainilor.

2. Doresc iubitorii de animale rezolvarea problemei cainilor strazii?

DA! Insa, in mod civilizat, crestin, uman si eficient! Romania a semnat si ratificat Tratatul de la Lisabona care impune statelor membre UE sa trateze animalele ca fiinte sensibile.

3. Cainii de pe strada sunt o mare problema?

 Cainii de pe strada sunt o mica problema comparativ cu problema pedofililor, a criminalilor, a violatorilor, a traficantilor de carne vie si a parintilor care-si abandoneaza copiii, care anual distrug viata a peste 20.000 de copii ce raman marcati pe viata, de cele mai multe ori fara sanse de recuperare psihica si fizica. Cu toate acestea, nu am vazut niciun ucigas de caini sa protesteze impotriva acestor infractori, dimpotriva chiar sunt sustinuti de acestia pentru ca sunt oameni si au drepturi. (intretinerea unui pedofil in puscarie ne costa 2400 lei/luna in conditiile in care nu poate fi reabilitat niciodata!). Atentia mare acordata acestei probleme a cainilor este pur electorala si tine de fondurile foarte mari care sunt inghitite de metoda uciderii cainilor, asa cum s-a dovedit timp de 22 de ani. Nu am vazut niciun primar sa aiba in capul listei de exemplu eradicarea problemei drogurilor (la mine in cartier, parintii care ies cu copiii in parc au surpriza sa constate ca jucarii devin seringile drogatilor). Dar, pentru ca si aceasta este o problema, trebuie rezolvata in mod eficient si uman!

- peste 11.000 copii sunt violati, maltratati, abuzati sexual, psihic, emotional, exploatati sexual, neglijati (ba mai mult, o fi o intamplare ca numarul de copii abuzati sexual in anul 2012 a crescut cu 43% fata de anul 2011, in timp ce eram zilnic asaltati de politicieni care instigau la uciderea cainilor, invocand „blanda” eutanasie???)
- peste 9000 de copii sunt abandonati anual in spitale si altii sunt aruncati la closet sau la gunoi
- o data la 4 ore o femeie este violata
- in anul 2010 – 4800 de persoane au fost agresate violent in familie, 99 au decedat
- in anul 2011 – au avut loc 9290 accidente grave de circulatie cu 2018 morti, 8768 raniti grav- mii de oameni mor anual din cauza diagnosticului gresit pus de medici (foarte putini medici sunt pedepsiti)4. Este iubitorul de animale zoofil?

 NU! Zoofilul este un pervers sexual care isi satisface instinctul erotic cu animale sau pasari. Zoofilia produce traume animalului, iar iubitorul de animale este impotriva oricarei forme de agresiune asupra animalelor, prin urmare nu poate fi acuzat de zoofilie.

5.  Ar trebui impartiti oamenii in iubitori de animale si neiubitori de animale?

NU! Exista oameni care respecta oamenii si animalele deopotriva si exista perversi, criminali, oameni bolnavi psihic care nu o fac pentru ca scopul lor in viata este sa obtina placere sau bani prin provocarea suferintei oricarei fiinte. Societatea, politicienii, primarii, asociatiile au responsabilitatea  de a crea un mediu sigur, civilizat, in care oamenii sa fie educati sa respecte fiintele care nu se pot apara singure, pentru a invata sa se poarte la fel si cu semenii lor. Niciun om nu poate sa pretinda ca respecta oamenii, atata timp cat nu respecta modul in care acesta decide sa trateze animalele in mod etic si civilizat in definitiv. Evolutia inseamna ca atunci cand parasim grota sa aruncam bata cu care am fost invatati si sa respectam orice fiinta din jurul nostru, fie ca este cuvantatoare sau necuvantatoare, mediul, pentru ca nu putem cere respect daca nu stim sa respectam. Evolutie nu inseamna doar sa iesim din grota, dar cu acelasi comportament barbar. Sutem in secolul 21 si Romania este considerata si din punct de vedere al modului in care trateaza animalele o tara inapoiata.

Atentie! Nu orice detinator de animale iubeste animalele sau le trateaza cu respect. Cei mai multi detinatori le considera obiecte de decor. Acestia sunt cei care imperecheaza cainii in mod iresponsabil, apoi abandoneaza puii sau isi abandoneaza propriul animal cand se plictisesc de el.

6. ONG-urile pentru protectia animalelor primesc bani de la stat?

 NU! ONG-urile pentru protectia animalelor nu au cum sa primeasca bani de la stat. Primesc bani de la donatori privati care doresc sa sustina rezolvarea problemei cainilor in mod civilizat si eficient. Donatorii au dreptul sa ceara dovezi ca banii donati sunt folositi in interesul animalelor si nu in interes propriu. Membri ONG-urilor au venituri proprii, nu traiesc din banii primiti din donatii si de cele mai multe ori isi utilizeaza propriile venituri pentru sterilizarea cainilor, facand un bine societatii si diminuind numarul de caini de pe strada.

7. De ce trebuie rezolvata problema cainilor comunitari unitar in toata tara?

 Pentru a preveni migrarea cainilor abandonati dintr-un oras in altul, de la sate la orase.

8. Cine trebuie sa rezolve problema cainilor comunitari?


Noi toti. Toti suntem vinovati ca aceasta problema a fost perpetuata timp de 22 de ani. Conducerea tarii pentru ca nu a vrut sa adopte o lege eficienta a sterilizarii unitare, autoritatile locale pentru ca nu au aplicat legea pentru protectia animalelor si nu au dat hotarari locale prin care sa oblige detinatorii de caini sa-si sterilizeze cainii si detinatorii de caini care-si imperecheaza cainii cu catele de pe strada sau abandoneaza puii si femelele cand fata, cumva surprinsi ca natura isi urmeaza cursul si cateaua nu s-a nascut sterila.

9. De ce eutanasia nu este o solutie eficienta?

 - timp de 22 de ani, cainii au fost dusi in adaposturi si eutanasiati, iar problema nu
s-a rezolvat

- primariile au declarat ca s-au cheltuit intre 62-200 euro pentru eutanasie/caine, la care se adauga cheltuielile cu incinerarea, cheltuielile cu intretinerea in adaposturi, cheltuielile cu prinderea. Aceste cheltuieli se fac de 22 de ani!

- eutanasia este un act medical care se aplica numai in situatii extreme, cand animalul este grav bolnav si in acelasi timp sufera foarte mult datorita bolii

- este stimulat comportamentul criminal al oamenilor, asa cum s-a intamplat in ultimii ani, cand in urma unei campanii fara precedent initiata de catre PDL ce a vizat instigarea la crima impotriva animalelor, instigare la violenta impotriva celor care doresc sa rezolve problema in mod eficient, civilizat si uman prin sterilizare si minciuni propagate prin mijloacele de informare in masa cu privire la numarul de caini de pe strazi (nu s-a facut niciodata o numaratoare stiintifica a numarului de caini!) si la numarul de muscaturi de caini (stiut fiind ca in realitate se recomanda celor muscati sa declare ca au fost muscati de caini ai strazii pentru a nu plati tratamentul) au reusit sa stimuleze (ne)oamenii sa comita crime impotriva unor fiinte nevinovate, oameni si animale deopotriva.

10. De ce adaposturile de stat nu sunt o solutie?


- adaposturile de stat in care sunt tinuti cainii capturati de catre hingheri mananca bani foarte multi (declaratiile primariilor dovedesc ca pentru un caine/luna se cheltuie intre 300-600 lei pentru intretinere, desi in realitatea adaposturile private cheltuie 50 lei/caine cu toate cheltuielile necesare, cainii fiind foarte bine ingrijiti, iar Centrul Teritorial Veterinar sector 2 Bucuresti raporteaza cheltuieli de 18 lei/caine/luna)

- adaposturile de stat sunt lagare de exterminare, cainii fiind infometati, imbolnaviti,  maltratati, ucisi cu cruzime (dovezi prezentate inclusiv in Parlamentul European in anul 2012)

11. Care sunt singurele masuri eficiente de management al populatiei canine?


 - numararea stiintifica a cainilor fara stapan

- recensamantul populatiei canine cu detinator

- microciparea si inregistrarea populatiei canine cu detinator intr-o baza de date unica la nivel national, pentru a preveni si sanctiona abandonul

- responsabilizarea medicilor veterinari, pet-shop-urilor care nu numai ca nu recomanda sterilizarea, dar recomanda chiar impuierea cel putin o data inainte de sterilizare, chiar daca este caine fara pedigree sau comunitar adoptat

- sterilizarea in masa, unitar a tuturor cainilor cu si fara stapan

- taxarea detinatorilor de caini care nu doresc sa sterilizeze cainii (se practica in Germania)

- returnarea cainilor strazii sterilizati in tarcuri in jurul blocurilor, pentru a preveni migratia cainilor nesterilizati in locul ramas liber

- controlarea caniselor care imperecheaza femelele chiar si de 3 ori pe an, iar ce nu reusesc sa vanda arunca in strada, iar daca femela este prea batrana este abandonata

- educarea copiilor sa trateze cu respect animalele, sa comunice cu animalele, respect care le va insufla si respectul fata de oameni mai tarziu

- crearea unor centre de terapie cu animalele pentru copii si varstnici, stiut fiind ca maidanezii sunt extrem de inteligenti si invata repede si in acest fel se creeaza si locuri de munca

- crearea unor centre de dresaj in puscarii care au ca scop reeducarea si reintegrarea infractorilor. Cainii dresati pot fi folositi pentru persoanele cu dizabilitati, pot fi usor dati in adoptie, pot fi folositi in centrele de terapie cu animalele

- crearea unor centre de dresaj in casele de corectie, in orfelinate. Pe de o parte il ajuta pe copil sa se simta util pentru societate, pe de alta parte il ajuta sa se dezvolte si sa evolueze armonios

- adaposturile trebuie sa fie deschise sambata si duminica pentru vizite si adoptii, iar in cazul in care este invocata lipsa de personal se va apela la voluntari

- supraveghere video non-stop in toate adaposturile din tara non stop, in toate salile de operatii, in padocuri si pe masinile hingherilor pentru a preveni hotiile si crimele asupra animalelor

- educarea populatiei cu privire la importanta si beneficiile sterilizarii animalelor proprii si responsabilizarea acestora fata de animale detinute

- instruirea politiei comunitare, judetene, judecatorilor cu privire la legea privind protectia animalelor si la masurile care trebuie luate in cazul in care legea este incalcata (workshop-uri organizate de catre membri ai ONG-urilor pentru protectia animalelor care pot atrage fonduri europene pentru educatie)

- achizitionarea clinicilor mobile care vor merge zilnic in sate sa sterilizeze cainii, in cazul in care nu exista medic veterinar

- oferirea sterilizarii gratuite persoanelor cu venituri mici

- angajarea la adaposturi a oamenilor care dovedesc empatie fata de animale, testati psihologic si psihiatric, fara cazier

- monitorizarea (chiar si prin camere video cu inregistrare audio a spitalelor care aplica tratament anti-rabic pentru a se inregistra corect muscaturile de caini

12. De ce sterilizarea si reteritorilizarea cainilor fara stapan este recomandata de catre OMS si de catre tarile membre UE care au rezolvat problema cainilor?

 - oamenii si ONG-urile vor colabora la prinderea si sterilizarea cainilor

- este singura masura care a dat rezultate in toate tarile care acum nu mai au caini pe strada (Germania, UK etc.)

- costul sterilizarii este de peste 10 ori mai mic decat cel al eutanasierii (8-12 euro – pretul include: capturare, anestezic, suturi, anelgezic, hrana pentru 5 zile postoperator), iar cu sustinerea ONG-urilor din strainatate sau din tara poate fi gratuit

- sterilizarea reduce comportamentul agresiv al cainelui cu pana la 100%

- costul cu tinerea in adaposturi va tinde spre zero in maxim 5 ani

- prin returnarea cainelui sterilizat, locul acestuia nu va fi ocupat de un alt caine nesterilizat care ar fi putut atrage alti caini dupa el in perioadele de imperechere si in plus nu mai face pui

- in maxim 5 ani numarul de caini de pe strada se va reduce natural la mai mult de jumatate, in urmatorii ani, urmand sa nu mai existe niciun caine pe strada

- cercetarile conduse de Organizatia Mondiala a Sanatatii in perioada 1981-1988 in cadrul programului A.G.F.U.N.D. / OMS de lupta impotriva rabiei umane si canine din tarile in curs de dezvoltare au relevat faptul ca programele de eliminare a cainilor (care prevad prinderea si eutanasierea cainilor comunitari) sunt atat ineficiente, cit si costisitoare. Nimic nu dovedeste ca eliminarea cainilor ar fi avut vreodata un impact semnificativ asupra densitatii populatiei canine sau asupra propagarii rabiei. In spiritul viziunilor stiintific fundamentate, exprimate pe plan international si national, programele de prindere si eliminare a cainilor fara stapan sunt considerate ineficiente pe termen mediu si lung deoarece nu ataca originea problemei, care este ritmul ridicat al reproducerii. In conceptia promovata, CONTROLUL populatiei canine se bazeaza prioritar pe: STERILIZARI, VACCINARI, (implicand inregistrari si marcaj), plus EDUCATIE si SUPRAVEGHERE.

13.  De ce sterilizarea cainilor cu stapan, microciparea lor si inregistrarea intr-o baza de date unica la nivel national?

 - detinatorii de caini, in special din zonele adiacente oraselor, dar chiar si din orase, abandoneaza anual sute de mii de caini: pui, femele gestante sau caini nesterilizati

- cainii cu stapan sunt sursa cainilor comunitari de pe strada. Se estimeaza ca la fiecare caine adoptat, sterilizat, ucis, sunt abandonati alti 10

- microciparea si inregistrarea proprietarilor de caini face posibila identificarea persoanei care abandoneaza animalele si sanctionarea ei conform legii, prevenind astfel inmultirea cainilor strazii

 14. Este crestineste sa sterilizam animalele?

Multi oameni sustin ca le este mila sau ca nu este crestineste sa-ti sterilizezi cainele. As dori sa-i intreb pe acesti oameni daca este mai crestineste sa abandonezi niste pui nevinovati care vor muri de foame sau vor fi otraviti de crestinii care considera ca sterilizarea cainelui este un pacat sau ca le este mila ca il doare cand este sterilizat. Cand este vorba de sterilizare, multi se gandesc la propriile nevoi si le asociaza cu nevoile animalelor si isi spun ca ar trebui lasat cainele sa se imperecheze liber. Uita, insa sa considere ca, la fel ca si oamenii, animalele au sentimente si sufera, asa incat, atunci cand apar puii nedoriti, sunt pusi intr-un sac,  aruncati la marginea padurii si lasati sa moara. Deci, cum este mai crestineste: sa sterilizezi cainele sau sa-l abandonezi si sa moara otravit sau de foame?

15. De unde obtine primaria bani pentru managementul populatiei canine?


 - aplicarea de amenzi contraventionale si penale celor care abandoneaza, maltrateaza sau ucid cu cruzime animalele (o estimare arata ca anual se pierd de la buget peste 40 milioane de euro pentru ca politia nu trateaza cu seriozitate plangerile impotriva celor care abuzeaza animalele sau le abandoneaza)

- aplicarea de amenzi contraventionale celor care fac plangeri false cu privire la agresivitatea unui caine (exista persoane care sunt deranjate de latratul unui caine, de ciripitul unei pasari, de plansul unui copil si fac nenumarate plangeri – ce facem, ucidem si copilul care plange pentru ca deranjeaza un om cu tulburari psihice?)

- taxe aplicate proprietarilor de caini care nu vor sa-si sterilizeze cainii

- sterilizari gratuite efectuate de ONG-uri din tara, strainatate si iubitori de animale care doresc sa contribuie la eradicarea problemei in mod eficient si civilizat

- o ultima stire tocmai arata ca numarul de muscaturi de caini fara stapan raportate de Ministerul Sanatatii a fost neadevarat. Jumatate dintre cei care au primit vaccin anti rabic au fost muscati de propriul caine. Acestia ar trebui amendati pentru ca nu si-au vaccinat propriul caine si din cauza lor s-au cheltuit milioane de euro degeaba! (iata o alta sursa pentru a aduce bani la buget si in plus pentru a reduce cheltuielile de la bugetul de sanatate cu vaccinul anti rabic!)

16. De ce ar trebui ca politia sa trateze cu seriozitate cazurile de abuzuri asupra animalelor si de ce trebuie oprita uciderea cainilor urgent?


Peste 70% dintre cei care au agresat, ucis, violat un om/copil au inceput prin a maltrata sau ucide cu sadism un animal! (studiul FBI)

Cazuri din Romania:

-         Ucigasul de la coafor se distra aruncand cu pietre in caini, pana mureau. Daca era pedepsit cand maltrata animalele, doua femei erau acum in viata

-         Un copil de 14 ani a maltratat un caine. Peste un an a ucis un batran

-         Un barbat a batut pana la moarte un cal. Cateva luni mai tarziu si-a ucis fratele

-         In Brasov, tatal a doi copii a fost ucis de cel care agresa un caine

17. De ce modelul SUA care are in program si eutanasierea este ineficient?

 In prezent mai sunt cateva state care inca eutanasiaza caini, dar acolo:

- anual peste 12 milioane de americani sunt muscati, multi fiind ucisi de caini

- anual, milioane de caini sunt abandonati, mai ales datorita faptului ca fiecare stat are legislatia sa proprie si nu exista o baza de date unitara interstatala (in Romania fiecare judet/oras a facut ce a vrut in domeniul gestionarii cainilor comunitari, prin urmare s-a ajuns la aceasta situatie, ba mai mult legea pe care PDL-ul a adoptat-o anul trecut si care a fost declarata neconstitutionala crea un haos mai mare decat este acum in toata tara)

- recent s-a pus problema gestionarii eficiente numai prin sterilizare a cainilor cu stapan, renuntandu-se la ineficienta eutanasie

- instigarea la crima impotriva animalelor si nepedepsirea aspra a celor care abandoneaza animalele, le maltrateaza sau le ucid, a facut ca de-a lungul timpului din ce in ce mai multi oameni sa devina violenti si cu oamenii

18. Politicienii spun ca sterilizarea care s-a aplicat in ultimii ani nu a dat rezultate, de aceea trebuie adoptata eutanasia. Este adevarat?

 NU! Si iata de ce :

- din 2008 de cand a fost adoptata legea protectiei animalelor (Legea Marinescu 1), nu numai ca majoritatea primariilor nu a implementat aceasta lege (care practic interzicea eutanasia), ba mai mult, anual, zeci de mii de caini sunt ucisi, cel mai celebru (in sens negativ) fiind cazul de la Botosani (2011) cand in cateva ore, noaptea, au fost macelariti 226 caini in adapostul de stat local. Practic cainii sterilizati de ONG-uri sunt prinsi de hingheri si ucisi, locul lor fiind luati de alti caini nesterilizati abandonati.

- in cateva orase, primarii au inteles ca solutia este sterilizarea cainilor de pe strada, fara sa inteleaga ca daca nu vor opri robinetul la detinatorii de caini, problema nu se va rezolva total, ci partial

- detinatorii de caini reprezinta in acest moment cea mai mare sursa de inmultire a cainilor de pe strada si tocmai aici nu s-a putut interveni, deoarece partidul aflat la guvernare a blocat timp de 4 ani legea sterilizarii unitare a cainilor cu si fara stapan

19. Un ultim punct si un mister rezolvat: capusele sunt create de caini?

 NU! Capusele sunt niste insecte care sunt purtatoare de boli la fel ca si tantarii. Peste un milion de oameni mor anual in intreaga lume datorita bolilor produse de tantari. Ce facem? Ucidem oamenii pentru ca tantarii le sug sangele si asta ii ajuta sa se inmulteasca si sa raspandeasca cel putin 5 tipuri de boli infectioase grave, mortale? (virusul West Nile transmis de tantari a ucis cativa oameni in Romania!) Uciderea cainilor nu va rezolva problema capuselor, asa cum uciderea oamenilor nu ar rezolva problema tantarilor.

Stiti care este cel mai ieftin si eficient remediu pentru eliminarea capuselor? Bibilica (doua pasari curata un teren de 8000 mp intr-un an – sursa: wikipedia.org)



Maidanezii nu au picat din cer! Maidanezii sunt victime ale iresponsabilitatii detinatorilor de caini! Ucizi victima sau pedepsesti agresorul?

Prevenind/pedepsind abandonul si sterilizand cainii cu si fara stapan, rezolvam problema cainilor strazii definitiv! Prin introducerea unui program coerent si unitar de sterilizare la nivel national, se creeaza locuri de munca, prin implicarea unor ONG-uri internationale care vor veni cu fonduri pentru a rezolva problema cainilor, vor putea fi accesate fonduri europene pentru educarea copiilor in scoli, pentru crearea centrelor de terapie cu animalele strazii. Vor putea fi create programe de dresaj al cainilor comunitari in puscarii pentru reabilitarea infractorilor (program implementat cu succes in cateva state din SUA). Se stie ca in Romania numarul de copii autisti este in crestere, iar terapia cu animale ii ajuta foarte mult in tratamentul autismului. Dezvoltarea unor centre pentru acesti copii rezolva pe termen mediu o problema costisitoare pentru parinti, iar pe termen lung, ajuta la reintegrarea copiilor in societate, ceea ce ne va ajuta ca in loc sa avem copii pentru care se plateste o pensie de handicap toata viata sa avem angajati apti sa-si poarte singuri de grija.


Acum ramane sa va adresez si eu doua intrebari:

  1. Doriti sa rezolvati problema cainilor maidanezi in mod eficient prin sterilizare, in cativa ani sau doriti sa perpetuati la infinit o problema care afecteaza deopotriva iubitorii si neiubitorii de animale, victime fiind de cele mai multe ori copiii nevinovati care, fie sunt muscati din motive care nu implica nici macar vina unui animal, fie sunt nevoiti sa asiste in parcuri la uciderea cainilor cu salbaticie, prin otravire, spanzurare, strangulare de catre hingheri sau oameni cu tulburare
  1. Ce tara civilizata, care se considera crestina, incearca sa rezolve prin crima o problema timp de 22 de ani fara niciun rezultat, desi exista solutii umane, eficiente si civilizate?


Va multumesc ca ati avut rabdare sa cititi acest document, intelepciune sa intelegeti ceea ce scrie si inteligenta pentru a aplica in cel mai scurt timp aceste masuri eficiente, civilizate si umane!

Sursele de informare pentru acest document le reprezinta: mass-media care a prezentat documente oficiale ale autoritatilor, politicienilor etc., statisticile nationale si internationale care se pot gasi oricand pe internet cu o simpla cautare si documente oficiale publicate de asociatii pentru protectia animalelor, studiile OMS si UE. Pentru fotografii, filme, filmari cu camera ascunsa este suficient sa dati o cautare pe youtube sau pe facebook si sa aflati adevarul. Daca doriti sa aflati adevarul si mai ales daca aveti interesul sa-l aflati sau sa-l difuzati.



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De ce nu trebuie sa mancam carne? Ne raspunde un copil de 4 ani


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Romania a intrat in carti! O carte despre esecul unei tari de a se civiliza

Romania este definita de foarte multi oameni ca fiind iadul pe pamant. In Romania, primavara a venit cu miros de moarte. Abuzuri si crime, toate intretinute de autoritati si de conducerea tarii. O grupare extremista a facut ochi pentru prima oara in Romania cu aceasta ocazie. Noi nu aveam extremisti. Nu aveam criminali care sa fie venerati. Acum avem. Si mai avem ceva. O carte despre crimele romanilor. O analiza ampla asupra activitatii ucigasilor de caini. De la cel mai mic, pana sus la cel mai mare.

Cartea va putea fi achizitionata in curand in format electronic. Momentan puteti sa o cititi aici:


Romania, pregateste-te sa fugi de copiii ucigasilor de caini. Ei vor fi calaii de maine ai tai! Ei iti vor sapa mormantul si iti vor grava crucea. Esti sigur ca asta iti doresti? Romania, trezeste-te! Aceasta este lumea in care vrei sa-ti cresti copiii?

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04.04.2014 – Ziua internationala a animalelor abandonate (protest si vesti importante)

Pe data de 04.04.2014 a avut loc la Bucuresti un protest impotriva abuzurilor hingherilor, uciderii cainilor si pentru a cere concedierea conducerii ASPA. A fost un protest plin de forta si de furie. Oamenii care au participat si-au amintit de ororile pe care le-au facut hingherii si conducatorii lor in toata tara, de incalcarea dreptului de proprietate privata, de minciunile gruparilor extremiste dovedite de aceasta data. Mass-media a lipsit in mare parte, dar cum deja stim cu totii ca informatiile reale nu se mai acceseaza prin presa romana, putem spune ca nu a fost nicio paguba. Am cunoscut cativa copii inteligenti si frumosi. Mereu sunt mirata cat de cuminti sunt, cat de buni. Bineinteles ca in ochii irecuperabililor ei sunt zoofili, cutofili etc. Ce pretentii sa ai de la niste mitomani.
Lupta va continua cu si mai multa inversunare, pe data de 17.05.2014 anuntandu-se un nou protest international cu mult mai multe tari din UE si nu numai. Fiti pe faza!






























































































































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Acestia sunt eroii Romaniei/The real heroes of Romania

Un tanar din Romania a salvat o catelusa cazuta in apa. Acestia sunt EROII Romaniei, nu bestiile ucigase care poarta o masca de om doar pentru a comite cele mai odioase crime.

A romanian young man saved a dog who fell into the water. They are the HEROES of Romania, not the beasts who kills animals who wear a mask of human to commit the most detestable crimes.


sursa: http://ro.stiri.yahoo.com/gest-superb-al-unui-t%C3%A2n%C4%83r–pentru-a-salva-un-c%C3%A2ine-075805984.html

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Bomba in cazul Ionut care a scapat tuturor!


Multumita unui om cu suflet s-a aflat despre declaratia acestui angajat ISU care a relatat de la fata locului cum arata exact zona in care a fost gasit Ionut Anghel. Astfel, aflam ca terenul era imprejmuit si singura cale de acces era prin zona Tuzla (imi aduc aminte ca cineva spunea ca la PROTV in primul reportaj sters ulterior s-ar fi spus ca Ionut nu avea cum sa intre pe terenul pe care a fost gasit si ca a fost aruncat – daca gaseste cineva acest prim reportaj in care aurolacii din zona isi aratau fericiti obiectele in fata camerei primeste un premiu de la mine). Din ce in ce mai mult incep sa se lege lucrurile in acest caz. Vanataile copilului care par a coincide cu ziua in care bunica regreta ca a lasat copilul la mama lui pentru a-l schimba, declaratiile unor martori care spun ca in zona existau niste caini de lupta agresivi si cel mai important este calmul proprietarului terenului care pare fericit sa scape DOAR cu daunele morale acordate in natura. De cand am aflat despre toate legaturile cu RATB-PMB-proprietarul terenului-ICR, cazul a inceput sa puta. Ce nu-mi este clar (sau imi este dar fac pe prostul) e faptul ca nu pot sa inteleg cum de se schimba o poveste in interiorul politiei/procuraturii atat de usor. La fel de usor ca in cazul femeii zgariate de caini probabil in incercarea de a o salva de la moarte, pe cand ea, o betiva, se ineca cu propria voma. Cu ce i-ati inchis gura acestui angajat ISU? Cu amenintari cum ne amenintati si pe noi? Cu hartuiri? Cu ce?

Interesant este ca Bancescu a declarat ca in zona nu erau caini, dar au aparut din senin. Cam cum au aparut si in zona Obor, desi ASPA a periat acea zona.


In Romania crima perfecta se face prin aruncarea cadavrului la caini. Nu numai ca scapi de acuzatii multumita mass-mediei, autoriatilor si  politicienilor manipulatori, dar ai toate sansele sa ajungi erou national. Crima perfecta are culoare politica!


P.S. 1. Avocatul familiei ameninta ca va cere daune morale istorice vinovatilor. Oare bunica neglijenta are atatia bani sa le plateasca copiilor ei?

P.S. 2. Ce interesant ca familia indurerata are atatea conexiuni cu societatile publice… Tatal la RATB, afaceri cu PMB, matusa la ICR… oare ce o sa mai aflam in timp? Stiti cand o sa aflam adevarul? Cand toti mincinosii vor plati precum Iovan. Atunci vom sti ca adevarurile lor au fost minciuni. Pana atunci, sacalii din jurul lor ne vor sfasia pentru a-i proteja. Dar de justitia divina nu scapa nici dracul.

P.S. 3. Daca proprietarul terenului nu-si apara proprietate si nu va invoca dreptul de proprietate privata cerand daune familiei pentru ca a lasat sa patrunda prin efractie doi copii minori pe terenul sau si statului ca a girat incalcarea in mod ilegal a proprietatii private, sa va intrebati de ce accepta asa ceva. (am auzit ca omul ar fi foarte calm. oare de ce?)

P.S. 4. Cum se face ca din miile de copii care se joaca in zona, niciunul nu a intrat acolo, cu sau fara gard? Cum se face ca tocmai aceasta familie cu atat de multe conexiuni cu mediul politic prin afacerile derulate cu PMB si-a neglijat copiii lasandu-i sa intre acolo? Cum spunea, NU CRED IN COINCIDENTE!

P.S. 5. Oricat veti manipula voi in mass-media, prin politicieni si autoritati, credeti-ma, minciuna are intotdeauna picioare scurte.

sursa capturii: http://www.digi24.ro/Stiri/Digi24/Actualitate/Stiri/Doi+copii+au+fost+atacati+de+caini+intr-un+parc+din+Bucuresti+Un

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ASPA incalca legea cu ajutorul politiei! (articol Vier Pfoten)


By me: Ce nu mai spune Vier Pfoten, dar spun martorii care au fost la Bragadiru este ca 4 caini ai Vier Pfoten au fost abandonati de ASPA pe terenul de langa adapost. Dl. Bancescu striga zilele trecute ca sunt unii care adopta si abandoneaza, in fapt asa numita reteritorializare, menionata si de OMS. In realitate, cei care abandoneaza cainii sunt chiar cei de la ASPA. Pe ce principii i-au ales pentru a-i abandona, numai ei stiu. Poate ca inca nu au fost sterilizati si se puteau impuia pentru a-i ajuta pe baietii destepti din afacerea maidanezul, adica hingherii privati care prind cainii de pe terenurile private cu 220 lei/caine? Nu stim inca si probabil ca nu vom afla niciun raspuns, avand in vedere ca mass-media nu au dat nici macar stirea in care masina nr. 8 a ASPA a calcat un om cand fugeau de la o alta patrundere prin efractie pe un teren privat pentru a fura cainii. Ei bine, cand hotii conduc, nu ne ramane decat sa ne facem singuri dreptate si sa devenim justitiari.


Si daca tot ati ajuns aici, semnati va rog si aceste petitii:



Va multumesc

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