220 dogs were massacred last night in Botosani (Romania) at the order of the mayor

UPDATE: ANOTHER MASSACRE! http://xnici.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/the-dogs-from-the-kennel-in-tulcea-romania-are-burned-alive/

Please share this story on FB so that everyone sees how the ROMANIAN authorities break the law AGAIN and commit illegalities without being punished. Even if we are part of the UE community ROMANIAN justice does not punish this people. We need European support to put pressure on this people for them to stop killing! 220 dogs were massacred last night in Botosani (Romania) at the order of the mayor Yesterday night over 200 dogs from Botosani (ROMANIA) public shelter were killed at the order of the mayor who based his overnight decision on the fact that an epidemic of Carre disease will start – because of the fact that some of the dogs in the shelter were sick. The dogs were discovered this morning by the volunteers that feed them every day – in plastic bags with traces of blood everywhere. The dogs were not euthanatized by injection but slaughtered. They called the TV stations and the police but nothing happened. They were in shock and tried to get out of the shelter the last few puppies that were alive. They were assaulted and offended by the guards. Public shelters in Romania don’t have a quarantine zone and only the NGOs feed the dogs and offer medical services. The dogs are kept in improper conditions because the final goal is for them to die. Euthanize is ILLEGAL in Romania but, because of political pressure, the local authorities euthanize dogs and try to hide it. Please share this story on FB so that everyone sees how the ROMANIAN authorities break the law AGAIN and commit illegalities without being punished. Even if we are part of the UE community ROMANIAN justice does not punish this people. We need European support to put pressure on this people for them to stop killing! The video for the news: http://videonews.antena3.ro/action/viewvideo/805864/Peste-200-de-caini-au-fost-ucisi-la-un-adapost-din-Botosani/. The page of the NGO from Botosani that helped all this time the dogs in the shelter – http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002180405288&sk=info or www.asociatiaador.ro – they need legal and human support. Write to the mayor of Botosani – Catalin Mugurel Flutur (foto) – at primaria@primariabt.ro

Botosani is paired with canadian city Laval. Please write to them to tell about the massacre from Romania at: http://www.ville.laval.qc.ca/wlav2/wlav.page.show?p_id=220

(this article was not translated by me)

All romanians thank you for your help!

THOSE ARE THE PHOTOS OF DOGS MURDERED IN BOTOSANI! The photos were taken on 10.05.2011. On 11.05.2011, early in the morning they were all dad. There was blood all over!






Not only that they slaughter dogs, they now continue with horses. Read below, please.




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34 Responses to 220 dogs were massacred last night in Botosani (Romania) at the order of the mayor

  1. papa says:


  2. Inge Pleschette says:

    Catalin Mugurel Flutur is criminell, is murder, is shame for Romania, is shame for the EU and is shame for the whole world. He may burn in hell, but hell is too good for him! I wish his future ist wothout any calm night till to the end of his life.

  3. wilbert vaessen says:

    Great you do this for our animals.
    I am a man from Holland, living in Romania, and we take care here in the mountains fo0r a lot of dogs and cats thrown out by Romanians.
    I did send today messages for help to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and two newspapers in Holland.
    This barbarous treating of animals should be stopped in whatever way possible! This is terrorism against animals! Strictly forbidden by European Law! Romania part of the European Union? For what reason?
    Just to steal subsidies and do whatever they like!
    But when it is about decency towards animals a lot of Romanians do not like the European way of treating animals as they should be treated: civilized!
    Romania! Where is your civilization?!
    You idiot mayor and vice-primar of Botosani, better beware of where you are when I come to look for you! It will not be a funny meeting! I promise you!
    Wilbert Vaessen.

  4. lesley brown says:


  5. Billie Fox says:

    What a despicable man if that’s what you can call him and he is a Mayor well who ever put him there is as guilty as this bastard he is a MURDERER AND ALL MURDERERS should be PUNISHED with the people that did this …….your time will come

  6. Aga S says:


  7. xnici says:

    This is Romania. The land of death. This is the way our authorities treat us. We will have a flashmob on saturday 14.05.2011, at 10.30 in front of Institutul National de Statistica at the intersection of Natiunile Unite avenue with Libertatii avenue. If you know someone from Bucharest that might participate at this flashmob, please anounce them to come. Later at 11 o’clock will be another protest against the romanian government. Please if you are in Romania, and you can join us, we will apreciate. We won’t stop fighting, because that is what they want. In this evening I read that another dogs from another shelter were killed. In Romania is too much pain. I know that they manipulate us, because behind those murders they just prepare tu kill us all. Romania is bankrupt. We have no jobs, no money, no rights. This massacre is only the beginning. But I prefer to die, than to take an innocent life.

  8. xnici says:

    I just find out that the mayor of Botosani was declared not guilty for the dog masacre. Please I don’t know what to do. We protested, we sent letters, we tried to convince every politicians from Romania not to murder dogs. Not only that they kill animals, they kill us. A man was murdered when he tried to protect a dog. Our authorities encourage violence and murder. Romania is a country with no God.

  9. poemotions says:

    nu am citit tot articolul, as vrea sa nu fi dat peste el, sincera sa fiu… stau si ma holbez la monitor si ma doare sufletul…

  10. Beth McHenry says:

    It is reprehensible to do this to innocent animals.

  11. Derrien says:

    Ces pratiques sont inhumaines, ne résolvent rien et sont indignes d’un pays civilisé. Les autorités roumaines ont choisi de ne pas entendre les nombreuses protestations qui se sont élevées pour défendre ces chiens ! Révoltant alors que l’argent utilisé pour ôter ces vies aurait pu l’être pour les préserver ! Honteux et désespérant…

  12. Ruth says:

    Reality Check
    No matter what people say and do it is as GOD WILLS IT!!!
    And if GOD does not like something he will make it be known!!
    Remeber we are all living on a melting pot of a planet, the core of the planet is as hot as the sun and who is protecting us, God!!!

    You can do all the wrong you want, but don’t forget that when the time come when you are DYING, you can not ask God to forgive you for all the Cruelty that you have inflicted on his Creation he will NOT listen!

  13. holy henderson says:

    please start a petition to get more public exposure in the world. http://www.care2.com

  14. Annelie Modin says:

    Romania the country of shame. It was a sad day when I heard the horrible news. How can it still be ok for a country within the European Union to act after its own laws. How can they allow people to go on like this over and over again. Either throw them out of the Union or MAKE them follow laws. It is not allowed to kill a healthy dog. Rest in peace you beautiful dogs and be sure we will NEVER EVeR forget what they did to you…we will keep on fighting against corrupt leaders and keep on fighting for the rights of the stray dogs and the dogs who are supposed to be safe in shelters. People must wake up and understand what is happening, killing is not the solution…the situation will go on as long as people do not learn how to take care of their animals or let those who can and will do it aid for them!!! Some of these dogs were supposed to finally get their forever homes in other countries it is just shocking. The world will react!!!

  15. epolitikon says:

    Homeless dogs represent a big problem for Romania. Actually they are the first thing to remember in our foreign guest’s minds.
    As Romanian citizen living in Bucharest I can see no improvement. It’s challenge for me to use the bicycle in Bucharest because of dogs and crazy traffic.
    Dogs (and humans too) will not have a better faith if we keep delaying mass sterilization of dogs. This is the first reasonable step to stop them reproduce, slow down their uncontrolled growth and them wait for their number to decrease naturally and by being adopted.

    I suggest strong focus on a mass sterilization by the Romanian government during the next period (month, years, I don’t know but all the people supporting homeless dogs should promote one single, clear idea at a time). EU financial and logistic help is also welcome.

    • xnici says:

      Nimeni nu-si mai doreste caini pe strada. Nici eu nici ONG-urile, nimeni. Nu sunt nebuna sa-mi doresc sa vad animale flamande, batute, haituite, moarte de frig si de dorul de o mangaiere, calcate de masini etc. Dar imi doresc sa rezolvam problema in mod civilizat. Adica sa-i sterilizam si sa-i dam spre adoptie. Sa facem programe de educare si de sterilizare in masa in toate judetele tarii si in special la sate. Dar acum in loc sa ne concentram pe aceste programe si crede-ma avem idei, facem rost si de fonduri, nu e problema, pierdem timpul cu ucigasii de ani de zile, luptam impotriva curentului si in acest timp se incearca si sterilizarea. Dar sterilizezi 10, sunt abandonati 100. De ce? Simplu, pentru ca legea nu se aplica. Si pentru ca nu ai cum sa controlezi abandonul. Asteptam introducerea registrului de ani de zile, dar legea sta blocata ca ei vor uciderea animalelor, nu salvarea oamenilor. Eutanasierea nu rezolva. E dovedit de OMS si de alte tari care au aplicat-o fara succes. Ei si-au rezolvat problemele educand si sterilizand cainii cu si fara stapan. Imi place ca toata lumea lauda acele tari, dar nimeni nu stie cum era acum 100 de ani. Sunt tanci de 15 ani care de-abia au terminat de supt de la tata mamei si zic ca ei acolo nu au vazut caini. Pai da ca ei sunt cu 100 de ani inaintea noastra. Au aplicat sterilizarea. Daca si noi aplicam legea, pedepsind abandonul si cruzimile acum eram ca Germania. Dar nu vom fi in veci cand ne pisam la coltul blocului, aruncam mizeria pe jos, scuipam seminte in plin centrul Bucurestiului, ne cacam (DA, NU ATI VAZUT OAMENI – adulti- CACANDU-SE IN BUCURESTI? EU AM VAZUT!), in creierii muntilor aruncam sticle de plastic si cutii de bere. Acolo cine face mizeria, tot cainele? Civilizatia incepe cu comportamentul nostru. Trebuie sa invatam sa ne iubim pe noi si sa ne respectam ca apoi sa-i iubim si sa-i respectam si pe cei din jur. Si uciderea animalelor inseamna tot lipsa de respect si de iubire fata de aproape. Asa spune Biblia nu? Sa-ti iubesti aproapele ca pe tine insuti! Daca tu il faci sa sufere pe iubitorul de animale, inseamna ca il iubesti? Si atunci nu inseamna ca nu te iubesti pe tine? Ce pretentii poti sa ai de la un marinar sa educe o tara intreaga, cand el e primul care instiga la violenta, crima, ura? Cand el e primul care ne jigneste si isi bate joc de noi toti. Va garantez ca in momentul in care se va schimba conducerea tarii cu una normala, culta, civilizata, toti ceilalti se vor schimba. Autoritatea modeleaza. Ar fi atat de multe carti de cititi, dar stiu ca multi sunt ocupati sa se cace si sa se pise la coltul blocului ca inca nu s-au obisnuit ca sunt la oras si nu in fundul curtii. Astia sunt cei care ucid animalele, astia sunt cei care instiga la crima. Dar atat le doresc: fie ca toata viata lor, incepand din aceasta secunda, sa fie precum moartea cainilor ucisi in chinuri, cu bestialitate! Si sa vad eu un popa sau un taran cacacios de Bucuresti ca ma acuza ca blestem si ca fac pacate. De ce, sa ucizi un suflet nevinovat, lipsit de aparare nu e un pacat? Sau o fi vreo virtute?

    • Annelie Modin says:

      I totally agree with you about spaying and neutering the dogs.How many years have there been killings and have this made the number of straydogs less..NO!! The only way to make a change is to work with this.Lots of groups travel around in Romania offering this for free.I’m sure EU offers money to animal support too, but to what are this money used? Another important thing is education people in R must learn to respect dogs and value them as the great companions they always strive to be. These awful killings must stop!! In what way do the people in R want the rest of the world to look upon them?

  16. xnici says:

    Multumesc persoanei care a scris articolul in engleza, multumesc celor care au postat articolul pe CNN – in 2 zile a avut peste 1000 de vizualizari, foarte multa lume din strainatate. Europa si lumea intreaga este cu ochii pe Romania. In loc sa ne mandrim cu valorile romanesti, ne facem reclama negativa cu nonvalorile si crimele romanilor. RUSINE!
    Am inteles ca si pe posturile internationale au fost prezentate aceste stiri. Suntem niste ucigasi in serie. Atentie EUROPA, venim sa te cotropim. Ucidem, violam si talharim! Asta este Romania!

  17. joan e oswald says:

    The E.U do carry the finacial cost.People who care are fighting to get all the dogs sprayed its a humane way of reducing the Dog population,last year alone 250.000 dogs were adopted form people in Germany and had the luck to get out of this barbaric country,funny thing is that suddenly after years of living with street dogs Rumania has began a war against Dogs now the eyes of the world can see what these people really are,barbaric and cruel nothing has changed!

  18. Tina Dueholm, Denmark says:

    So sad reading. Until few months ago I didn’t know about all the animal cruelty going on in Romania. It’s really terrible and I’m shocked. The government doesn’t do anything about it, but instead encourage people to kill stray dogs.

    The problem with stray dogs is only caused by humans. None of the stray dogs comes from the wild but only domestic dogs that have been thrown out of their homes to fend for themselves. Now the dogs pay the price with their life.

    Of course I understand that with so many stray dogs it can be a big problem for people. But the solution won’t be killing the dogs but to spay and neuter them.

    We have never had any problems with stray dogs here in Denmark but with domestic cats that have become wild because they were left to fend for themselves. The animal shelters started a program to catch the wild domestic cats, spay/neuter them and released them back to the area where they were caught. Of course those which were very ill were put to sleep with an injection by the vet.

    Reason why they were put back to where they came from was to protect that the area wasn’t taken over by new cats. The spayed/neutered cats would still protect their territory. The way it was easier to take area by area and spay/neuter the cats. Today, the number of wild domestic cats to a minimum and is not a nuisance to their surroundings. I think the same model can be used in Romania.

  19. Shame on Romania!
    Is that the way how to get rid of the problem of your dogs?
    Is that your answer?
    Shame on this country!
    It is simply disgusting!

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  21. Irene WERNER says:

    Laßt uns hingehen und den Mördern der Hunde dasselbe antun :

    Gleiches mit Gleichem vergelten !

  22. heidi kreipe says:

    the evil only men can do

  23. Brigitte Schacht says:

    Das reißt mir das Herz aus und wieder schäme ich mich ein Mensch zu sein. Wie kann man sich an diesen Geschöpfen so derart vergehen, hat man in ihre Augen geschaut.
    Bei solcher Grausamkeit stelle ich mich auf die Seite derer, die fordern: “Auge um Auge….”. Wer zu solchen gemeinen Morden fähig ist, ist kein Mensch, denn dann hätte er ein Herz. Hier handelt es sich um herzlose Bestien. Wann endlich hört das auf, das der Mensch sich anmaßt sich über die Dinge zustellen.Und vor allen wie endet es???

  24. Günter Schacht says:

    Ich stimme meiner Frau in jedem Punkt zu und fordere eine harte Bestrafung dieser gemeinen Hundemörder. Soll der Staat besser Gesetze verabschieden, die das Kastrieren zum halten eines Tieres, egal ob Hund oder Katze, verlangen.
    Monster sind hier am Werk!!!

  25. Brigitte Schacht says:

    Diese Bilder reißen einem das Herz raus und wieder schäme ich mich Mensch zu sein. Wer so etwas fertig bringt und den Tieren dabei noch in die Augen schaut, ist eine herzlose Bestie. Ich stimme denen zu die fordern:”Auge um Auge…” Etwas anderes haben solche Monster nicht verdient. Wie lange glaubt der Mensch noch sich anmaßen zu können, er stehe über allen Lebewesen dieser Welt? Vor allem wo soll das enden???

  26. Doris Rauh says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated.” — Mahatma Gandhi

    We in Germany and the European Union in general does support Romania with billions Euro of subventions. Not having control over all these amounts, how and what for these bounties are used makes us and our government guilty in complicity of this crime. Euthanizing these wonderful dogs is one thing, that cannot be justified at all, but not even showing the slightest act of humanity by putting them to sleep at least, they were slaughtering these helpless and poor dogs, which is the most respectless proceeding at all. Why bringing these dogs to so called shelters, that are more or less concentration and destruction camps, instead of leaving them, where they were. What the Romanian government connives by not punishing this act of barbarity is tolerating a Holocaust on these animals.
    This has put ineffable shame on Catalin Mugurel Flutur, on the people executing these poor animals and on Romania the whole nation!

  27. xnici says:

    Our president Traian Basescu and our government don’t give a shit on EU. They want only your money to continue murdering dogs, horses, children (I told you that in romanian orphanage children are abused by their caretakers or pedophils). They cut salaries but they buy houses for 1 million dollars, they make football fields in villages that don’t have electricity or water.
    Romanians do nothing because they easily sell their souls for a sugar pack or they are too rich to care.

  28. ALF says:

    Please let us know if you are in Romania and want to help the ALF


  29. Magyari Loredana says:

    I am romanian and I do everything to help the stray dogs.
    We have a dog shelter in our city financed from a german association. They also make 2 times in a year sterilisation aktions. I am happy and thankful to these foreign people that they help us. Otherweise it would hapen here the same situation as in Botosani. Actually the authorities in our city killed illegaly hundreds of dogs in the past few years. Such things are normal in our country. The stray dogs are in Romania a money makig possibility, a new industry … I hear every day about animal cruelty in our country. I cant understand how people can do this, I am every time totally shocked. I could not kill an animal even if somebody would offer me all the money in the world. Most of the romanian authorities and people have no respect for the animals. PLEASE, we need help from outside, we did everything to convince the government that the solution is the sterilisation. If they leave the local authorithies to decide what the do with the animals we will have every day such terrible news. And from the most of them we will not even know. The people who commit such things should be punished by the law. PLEASE HELP US MAKE THEM TO RESPEKT THE EUROPEAN LAW!!! The people who love and help animals in Romania will soon die because of so much suffer! Please help us having the law which provides us the possibility to help this poor animals trough STERILISATION and not MASACRE! How many million stray dogs should die more untill we can change the situation in Romania? I am ashamed to live here!

  30. David Castle says:

    We see a similar situation in Greece, particularly in Crete. The immigrants that have settled here from northern europe try and adopt as many stray dogs as they can to keep them from neglect, hunger and death. Slowly you see more and more greeks realising that a dog can be man’s best friend at a house instead of a poor creature chained to a barrel out in the wilderness. To kill a dog in cold blood, a person must have hate in his heart. That hate is an act of evil and has nothing to do with a modern civilisation. When there is a drastic problem you have to find a civilised solution. Spay and neuter as many animals as possible before they reproduce and slowly the problem will begin to diminish. Murder is not the answer because it leaves blood on the hands of the murderer. That blood can never be washed away. It will be there until his/her last breath.

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