Thousands of people from Romania protests agains animal cruelty

Thousands of people protested yesterday 13.05.2011 in Romania. The protests will continue in Romania, until all psychopats are punished.

While we are fighting against euthanasia, some groups of interests are fighting for euthanasia. They released all sorts of petitions and misinformation on the Internet. Our greatest fear is that this case from Botosani is not covered up as it happens with all cases of corruption in Romania. Romania is a country where ministers who steal are hidden, processes are delayed until we forget about them. Please make  a lot of pressure from abroad to make the leadership of your country to monitor Romania, for justice to make the job and punish crimes against animals and against humanity. Meanwhile, authorities started killing dogs in all the public shelters from Romania. They no longer allow access to shelter, hide all acts of cruelty against animals, and the police laugh at us when we require the application of the law on protection of animals. But the law is a mistery for the police, some of them didn’t even hear about the law. (don’t worry anyway, police officers are busy to steal from  shops, not to protect us or animals). Adoptions are not allowed and if you want to go to a public shelter to help or to investigate, you are not allowed. Genocide in Romania turned against innocent beings proves how corruption and theft has embraced the entire country. As members of EU , we behave like barbarians in the Middle Ages and treat people and animals in the worst way possible. Normality, goodness and love are severely punished in Romania.

We need international help because we have no rights in Romania. Human rights are violated in Romania. Animals rights are violated in Romania. This is a country where people had forgotten God. I want to remind you that as a foreigner in Romania, you will always hear what you are supossed to hear, not what they really think about you. Basescu told few years ago that he will treat dogs as it is supposed to treat children. After few months he started killing dogs in Bucharest when he was the mayor of Bucharest. Now he is the president of Romania. And he treats children and people in general like he treated dogs. He is slowly and painfully kill us all.


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7 Responses to Thousands of people from Romania protests agains animal cruelty

  1. Kiki says:

    Foarte bine scris articolul. Sper sa aiba un impact major asupra UE si al altor state. Mi-e scarba ca am vazut unele comentarii ale “asa zisilor iubitori de oameni” ca toate manifestatiile de pana acum si cele care urmeaza sunt un circ, ca suntem dezumanizati, ca ne pasa mai mult de caini in loc sa ne pese ca mor oameni zilnic de foame si ca sunt foarte multi copii abuzati sexuali (ei de ce nu fac nimic pentru acei oameni? le e lene sa-si miste curul mare si gras din fotoliu + sunt si pomanagii, de asta le pun in carca celor care iubesc animalele aceste fapte pe care ei nu le-ar face niciodata! exista un motiv pentru care exista doctori de oameni si doctori de animale, pentru care exista militari si pentru care exista pacifisti, totul este pus intr-o balanta), ei chiar nu realizeaza ca incercarea lor de a denigra iubitorii de animale, ei de fapt se descriu pe ei insisi ?!!! Pana cand sa mai continue abuzurile fata de animale si fata de oamenii normali ?!!!

  2. mariaforro says:

    The Party for Freedom (PVV) Europe is disgusted by mass murder of Romanian dogs

    Friday, 13th of May 2011 10:32 hrs

    The PVV in the European Parliament is furious at the authorities of the Romanian district of Botoşani.

    Member of the European Parliament Daniel van der Stoep: “After completely corrupt those Romanians appeared to be appalling animal abusers, both horrible, but killing animals like that is too disgusting to describe in words”.

    The PVV wants the European Commission to force the Romanian authorities to deal with these monsters and that the Commission will financially sanction Romania in case they fail to impose long prison sentences.

    Van der Stoep: “Romania receives billions of the European Unions, including Dutch money; therefore we can ask for treating animals with respect.

    Questions to the Commission:

    Is the Commission aware of: “Over 200 dogs killed in Romanian shelter” and the accompanied footages which lead to no doubts about the suffering of the animals?

    Can the Commission produce a report with how many dogs have been killed without sedation? If not, why not?

    Is the Commission prepared to monitor the Romanian authorities to assure they will deal with these monsters of animal abusers? If not, why not?

    Is the Commission prepared to sanction Romania financially in case these animal abusers will not be sentenced for a long period? If not, why not?

    Does the Commission share the opinion that Romania, not only because of the corruption, but also because of the apparent unacceptable lack of animal welfare, has disqualified itself and proofs that it is incapable for membership of the EU? If not, why not?

  3. J.H.TESSELAAR says:

    Treat animals like you want to be treated yourself!

    The EU should urge all European countries to have an Animal Law that forbids this kind of behaviour, otherwise NO MEMBER OF THE EU UNION as far as I’m concerned!

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  5. mimi says:

    este oribil ce se intimpla in Romania cu ciinii

    Abuz este si a-i lasa sa moara de foame si sete..Deci daca nu se accepta sa fie omoriti cu demnitate si repede atunci le trebuie asigurat mincare ,apa.Deci cum credeti ca e mai bine?Oricum ma desgusta felul in care sint tratati aceste animale care n-au nici o vina.Si sintem mindri ca apartinem speciei umane sau ca sintem romini?…O ceata de barbari ,lipsiti de humanitate de civilizatie asta este o mare parte a poporului romin.

    • xnici says:

      Nu exista criminal care sa te lase sa mori demn. O crima este o crima si implica un act de cruzime. Exact modul in care sunt eutanasiati cateii la noi in tara. Cu bata in cap, otraviti, impuscati. Daca asta este o moarte demna, eu una nu as vrea sa fiu in locul lor, iar daca cineva doreste sa moara “demn” in acest mod, este liber sa se lase maltratat. Din pacate tocmai am aflat ca un violator de copii tortureaza caini in Romania. Politia nu a luat masuri pentru a-l pedepsi pentru viol, asa incat acum ucide cu bestialitate animale, pentru a-si pregati terenul pentru a ucide copii. Orice psiholog stie asta, orice politist stie ca asta urmeaza. Dar, din pacate, in tara asta, actele de cruzime impotriva animalelor sunt incurajate, asa incat atunci cand degenereaza in acte de cruzime impotriva copiilor, nu mai socheaza pe nimeni. Ce este trist este ca si acestea sunt incurajate, prin lipsa de reactie a autoritatilor. Daca nu ies bani din salvarea copiilor, de ce sa se agite sa-i salveze. Acestia sunt iubitorii de copii. Violatorii, criminalii sunt iubitorii de copii. Si oamenii se tem de o muscatura de catel…

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