About the animals protection law from Romania

I was asked if we have a law that protect animals. YES WE HAVE since 2008. But the mayor Traian Basescu, which is now the president of Romania said that all stray dogs must die. Since 2008 the law was NEVER respected, because our president is for murder, not for life. Because he is in PD-L party, all his members manipulates people from Romania with false informations about the number of the dogs from the streets, the bites, the agresivity of dogs, the money they pay for feeding dogs from public shelters and so on. They lied about the health of dogs from Botosani. They were healthy! Since 2008 when someone called police for animal abuse, the police officers didn’t know the law or they laugh saying that we are crazy old ladies. Since 2008 they want to legalize euthanasia which was forbidden in Romania (permitted only for incurable dogs). Nobody believed us when we said that euthanasia in Romania means stabbing, hanging, decapitating, electrocuting after dogs were washed or any other ways of torture. THIS IS EUTHANASIA IN ROMANIA. In the shelter from Botosani, it was blood. They were washing it and they incinerated tha body of the dogs, so no trace could be found. The mayor and the vet who comitted the slaughter will escape because we have the most currupted justice from the world. If they will be punished, maybe they will have to pay some money, but I repeat, IF! You choose not to see reality from dark Romania, because, when you come to Romania you are not let to see the human misery. Children are abused in orphanage, everyday a child is kidnapped and never found, the children abuse or women abuse is something normal in Romania. You educate a children beating him daily. That’s why we try to prevent animal cruelty. It is too much violence in this country. In Romania is normal to kill, is normal to hate, is normal to be violent. You are cool if you do this, and punished if you choose to be good.


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7 Responses to About the animals protection law from Romania

  1. Roland Vockenhuber says:

    Please help the Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t Kill them!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Adrian says:

    Catre autorul/autoarea acestui blog: Apreciez mult acest blog la care am si subscris pentru a primi de fiecare data prin e-mail noile postari, insa am o intrebare si anume, este un blog adresat cititorilor de limba engleza sau pentru cei de limba romana, ori pentru ambi? Propun sa faci 2 versiuni in engleza si romana DISTINCTE, adica sa nu amesteci pe aceasi versiune postari in limba engleza si romana. Eu personal nu-mi fac probleme pentru ca ma descurc binisor in limba engleza, mai ales cu cititul, dar ma gindesc la cei cre nu cunosc mai deloc aceasta limba. Cu respect pentru tot ceea ce scri in acest blog, Adrian Lazarescu

  3. Rebekah Long says:

    This sounds a terrible country to live in, but with some very good caring people to help the animals…. There are several groups here in the UK trying to help….. but of course for many Animals it is TOOOO late :(((

    It seems now the Eu Parliment will investigate the slaughter at Botosani and hopefully will deter any more masacres.

    • xnici says:

      Romania is such a corrupted country that even EU Parliament might be fooled by romanians politicians. They are so good to manipulate people… Romania is horrible, we are tortured, dogs are tortured. But we hope to change this soon. We never had a president like this one who instigates to violence and murder through his party. I am vegan, I choose not to harm any animal. But, this is impossible, because from my fees they pay for killing stray dogs. My rights are not respected. And this is not only my case. I gave you just an example.

  4. Barbara Zimmer says:

    No more masacres in Botosani!

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