Dr. LIVIU GAITA, is a renowned Romanian veterinarian, in Bucharest…


He recently expressed his opinions about the massacre of strays in Botosani, Romania in the article http://www.dcnews.ro/2011/05/de-ce-a-avut-loc-masacrul-din-botosani-medicul-veterinar-liviu-gaita-arata-ca-a-fost-un-experiment-pilot-pentru-a-testa-opinia-publica/Why did the Botosani massacre happened : a test for the public opinion..

ENGLISH VERSION OF THE ARTICLE : Liviu Gaita, a renowned veterinarian from Bucharest, has explained for ” de ce news” which might be the motivation of those who ordered the massacre in Botosani, where 230 dogs have been killed.

The presumption that they tried to cover up some money laundering, must be verified by the authorities, but the most probable presumtion would be the version of a pilot project with which the public opinion would be tested.Some political forces still hope the passing in the Parliament of the law which allows the killing of strays in local pounds and they want to see how the people would react after the implementation of the ” final solution”

In general, the products with protein ( dog food ) are stolen from the shelters and used to feed other animals ( like pigs ) in people yards. It is also possible another fraud at a large scale, with the paper work between stores and shelter, but the cover up would not need the mass killings of strays, continued Dr.Gaita. In Romania we do not have a system to monitor and efficiently control these activities, hence those who do this can not be easily found even if one finds starved or hungry dogs in  shelters.

De Ce News:Can one make money buy stealing the food destined to the animals in a shelter ?

Liviu Gaiţă: In any shelter, public or private, the food is portioned by those who work there. There is a real battle to stop the workers from stealing the food, taking it home to feed their own pigs. It is illegal to feed the pigs with animal protein, but they like it, so this product is in great demand. It is a bit difficult to steal  on a large scale, with invoices etc, but not impossible, if there are some agreements with the providers.

De Ce News: Can’t the weight of dogs be controlled, to see if they are hungry “

Liviu Gaiţă: there is a ratio of the food which must translate in the corporal mass. At least they should not lose weight …unfortunately, there are no scales in the shelters and it would also be difficult to put the dogs on them..

De Ce News: Difficult but not impossible

Liviu Gaiţă:  This is an issue which is not taken in considereation by the law, the regulations  are very

weak. There are norms and statistics about nutrition in the West, which would allow the evaluation and the determination of the quantity of food given , but, if the law does not impose such a thing, in Romania these regulation have no value,.

I-au sufocat în pungi de plastic  ( they have been suffocated in plastic bags )

De Ce News: So, they had no reason to hide, by killing the dogs in order to erase the traces, in Botosani, right “

Liviu Gaiţă:they did not necessarly have to kill them. There is no administrative way of controlling the weight and the food portions. It rather was a test of stress. They wanted to se how the public opinion would mobilize in case there would be a national campaign to massacre strays at a large scale. A kind of pilot experiment, in a city, some where in Romania, after which they will inform the central decision factors and simply say that it was just an excessive action, in case things turn ugly. they found a man ready to kill the dogs, even if he breaks the law, and did it. Now they evaluate the reaction from the population.

De Ce News:Are the actions in Botosani illegal ?

Liviu Gaiţă: Without any doubt. They had to prove that each and every dog suffered of an incurable disease, which is not the case. The decision is incorrect from the medical point of view and illegal from the authorities point of view. We do not have here an epidemic, which can be transmitted to humans, as it was with the Aviary flu. The first measure is quarantine for 10 days, then each case is discussed separately. Another very grave aspect is the procedure used for killing. Under the legal regulations, it is impossible to kill 230 dogs in 2 hours.  The (legal)procedure demands specific sanitary materials ( syringes, bottles etc ) which must be kept , in order to prove that the legal procedures have been followed, but also qualified personnel, i think they poisoned them, which is illegal, or they lie about the duration of the procedure . It is clear that they could not have the speed mentioned : the lethal substance for the euthanasia must be administered intravenous , through perfusion, not intramuscular, hence it last minutes and minutes…it is impossible to euthanise 230 dogs in 2 hours. They killed them with cruelty, by poisoning or, after the intra muscular injection they suffocated them in plastic bags.

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3 Responses to A MUST READ NOTE: the declaration of a FAMOUS,EXCELLENT, TRUSTWORTHY ROMANIAN VETERINARIAN about the massacre in BOTOSANI

  1. Rumania, very primitive goverment and country ! No chance for the EU!! Its a absolut criminal act, a shame, Murder !!!

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