Why Romania wants to kill stray dogs?

They say that don’t have money to support the costs in the shelters. They say that stray dogs attacked people, but the truth is that the dogs that attacked people were those who were protected their homes or their yard.

Although they say that romanian government has no money for dogs or people, they have money for expensive cars or houses, they have money to build in villages where is no electricity, or whater or gas, football fields that cost millions of euros although people from that village don’t have money, they go to work in other countries, they are poor. But they have football fields! They cut salaries to build football fields! They cut money for sick people, they dissolved hospitals to build asylums for old people. Why? Because they have no money to pay retiring pension and in those asylums probably they plan to kill them as they do with dogs in the shelters. You think that maybe I exagerate. Really? You think that maybe I am paranoid. No, I am not. This is the truth. I want to build a life in Romania and we have no rights, we are tortured, we even are threatened because we dared to inform you about the real face of Romania. Romania is the land of mafia. Italian or russian mafia is nothing compared with romanian mafia. We educate our children to be violent. Our authorities teaches our children that it is normal to murder animals preparing them to murder old mans from asylums. Our country leader doesn’t need educated people, he needs stupid people, violent people. Smart people protests when animals are cruelty killed, stupid people congratulate him. Normal people are banished from Romania. We don’t know what to do anymore. Now, they do all that they can not to punish those who commited crimes againd dogs in Botosani.They don’t care about us. They just care about the money they gain murdering dogs and anyone who stays in their way, might pay for this.


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6 Responses to Why Romania wants to kill stray dogs?

  1. adriana says:

    stii cate topoare se dau la baza unui brad ,pentru a fi doborat?fereste -ma Doamne de prieteni,ca de dusmani ma feresc eu singura.poti lupta si fara “prieteni-dusmani”,caci tu ai un mai multi aliati si protectori,de aceea ptricizii ies repede la iveala.

  2. Kiki says:

    REVOLUTION, the ONLY SOLUTION ! Yes I know, many of us say that we should do a revolution, but actually no one wants to get involved and hopping for the best…

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  5. iuiua says:

    I am spanish i live in iasi, bullshit, the dogs dont attack. its amazing that a decomcratic government wants to do this

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