Animal savers from Romania are threatened even with death! HELP US!

PLEASE HELP US! Authorities from Romania started to threaten all animal lovers. In Ploiesti they want to organize a protest against stray dogs, they want to organize a protest that instigates to violence and murder agains stray dogs and animal lovers! An animal saver from Romania was threatened with police. Although he dind’t do anything illegal and he tried to find homes for all dogs, he is now threatened with police for imaginary things. THIS IS ROMANIA, a country member of  UE, where you have no rights. You know why this man is threatened? Because he asked the mayor to tell him what he did with the money for stray dogs. The mayor said that this is not his business, and after this he started abuses. In ROMANIA and I think that all over the world the mayor is obliged by law to present a report if it is asked with the money he spent for the city. BUT, in Romania, the corruption is so big that if you dare to do so, you will be punished for life. YOU KNOW THAT IN ROMANIA A MAN WAS MURDERED BECAUSE HE TRIED TO STOP A MAN FROM MURDERING A STRAY DOG? And this is not all! In Romania, if you say that you are a normal people, who respects animals, you are treated like the worst enemy of the world. The president of Romania TRAIAN BASESCU started the campaign against stray dogs and animal lovers when he was a mayor. For euthanasia (which in Romania means: beating dogs to death, stabbing, poisoning them, hanging or cutting the dogs throat or shooting them) the authorities from Romania spent over 40.000.000 EUROS in a few years. The problem of stray dogs was not solved, because they killed a dog, romanians abandoned 10.

The asociation for animal protection started FREE campaign for sterilization of all dogs, but the mayors all over the country dind’t want this. Why? Simple. They couldn’t steel money anymore.


For more information, please read those articles: (you have an pps in english. please read it. only in few cities they spent over 13.000.000 euros)


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22 Responses to Animal savers from Romania are threatened even with death! HELP US!

  1. Beverley Holden says:

    Please do not harm these people, they do nothing wrong, they just want to help the animals as we all do… thank you…!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Eva Date says:

    This too horrid for words. Romania is totally lawless. Like the wild west. Corruption ripe and the compassion against other living creatures (human and animal) non existent. This must be well known within the EU and yet nothing is done on official levels. So what can we ordinary people do except spread the word?

    • xnici says:

      PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Tell this in your country! HELP US!

      • xnici says:

        If you have a Romanian Ambessy in your city protest in front of it so they know that all european countries and not only are against the violences against animal lovers and animals! Please! We protested, we are in the street, but as long as the president of our country wants to sadistic kill the dogs, that says all. HELP US! We are desperate!

  3. razvanrinder says:

    Auzi frate, dar de ce nu luati voi cainii aia in casele voastre sa-i cresteti si sa-i hraniti ca sa nu mai stea pe strada? Nu cumva pentru ca sunt prea multi si nu aveti cum? Sunt satul de maidanezi si cred ca autoritatile din orice oras din tara asta trebuie sa scape prin orice mijloace de cainii fara stapan. Eutanasia lor este o solutie buna in acest moment. Nu se mai poate asa.
    Si ca sa te scutesc de lamentari, da si eu am animal acasa. E drept ca e un motan, dar am. Si am grija de el, il hranesc la timp si ii asigur conditii bune de viata insa cu cainii vagabonzi CHIAR NU SE MAI POATE. Voi in schimb nu faceti nimic ca sa ii protejati. Tipati doar cand autoritatile vor sa faca ceva si va purtati ca niste descreierati. Ar trebui sa fiti luati si voi odata cu maidanezii pe care ii iubiti atat de mult.
    Hai pa!

    • xnici says:

      I published the comment of a romanian sadistic killer named “razvanrinder”only to confirm that “human lovers” want normal people to be treated like dogs – this means to be cruelty murdered. This is what he says: “you should be taken like stray dogs that you love so much” (he wrote this after he said that he agrees with euthanasia and I repeat euthanasia in Romania means that dogs are stabbed, shooted, hanged, electrocuted etc). This is the future of our children. Although they know that if you kill a dog, other 10 are being abandoned and this is not the fault of animal lovers, they sustain killing dogs with cruelty. THIS IS ROMANIA! The land of barbarians!

  4. uma says:

    Please contact asap……..the WSPA. They will help you by putting pressure on Romania to change.

  5. Kiki says:

    Chiar daca am lua noi toti cainii acasa, acei “iubitori de oameni” ne-ar reclama non stop, nimic nu le convine ! :)))
    razvanrinder is just another arsehole that doesn’t cares about anything. He says he has a cat at home and cares deeply for it, but doesn’t gives a damn for strays, he just want to see strays dead. An animal lover, a compassionate person wouldn’t want to see any creature suffering or being killed. He also says that the animals lovers aren’t doing anything to protect the strays, just screaming about what is going on. That person has no idea what we are doing and he dares to make such allegations ! Shows what mentality the majority of the Romanians have for dogs, the animal welfare isn’t at all what it should be in this country !!! If that person really likes cats, why isn’t he doing something for the stray cats ? There are many stray cats, most of them are tortured, hit by cars etc… In a normal country a person like razvanrinder who doesn’t do nothing, just complains and always chooses the most simple and barbaric method to “get rid of the problem” (even though scientific studies shows that it’s ineffective) is isolated from the rest of the society !! Here is behavior is encouraged and turned into criminal hatred for dogs and for the people that care for these animals !!!
    People like razvanrinder do not want to understand we want what’s best for the dogs meaning we don’t want them on the streets, we want them in private shelters where good people will take care of them, they don’t care about what are the best methods to deal with stray animals, they think Romania is uncivilized because we have strays on the streets not because people are being rude, spitting on the ground and throwing trash wherever they like, they don’t want to understand that killing the strays is a big business and that’s why the so called government does not want to stop the “flow of strays”.
    Mass manipulation, big corruption, even communism are still dominating over Romania…

    • xnici says:

      Kiki they know that it is a business and that’s why they want to kill stray dogs and not to solve the problem for good, by sterilization. All those who want to kill with cruelty stray dogs, excuse me, they call this euthanasia, are the sustainers of Traian Basescu – THE PRESIDENT OF ROMANIA. What is unbeleivable is that 10000 deviated people try to kill 20.000.000 normal people. And I don’t understand why people accept this.
      Kiki ei stiu ca este o afacere pe spinarea cateilor de pe strada si de aceea doresc uciderea lor, pentru a perpetua problema la infinit (sterilizarea fiind singura masura eficienta). Toti cei care vor sa ucida cu cruzime cateii de pe strada, pardon, sa-i eutanasieze, sunt sustinatorii lui Traian Basescu – presedintele Romaniei. Incredibil este ca 10000 oameni bolnavi (ai PDL) incearca sa ucida 20.000.000 oameni normali. Si nu inteleg de ce oamenii accepta acest lucru.

    • xnici says:

      STIATI CA…

      1. … iubitorii de animale si ONG-urile nu doresc catei pe strada?
      2. … numarul de catei de pe strada a crescut ca urmare a nesterilizarii cateilor cu si fara stapan, abandonului, imperecherii cateilor cu stapan cu cei abandonati, eutanasierii?
      3. … eutanasierea cateilor de pe strada a fost aplicata in Romania in perioada 2001-2008, numarul cateilor de pe strada fiind de trei ori mai mare in perioada eutanasierii, decat in prezent cand numeroase ONG-uri au sterilizat catei in toata tara?
      4. … pentru eutanasierea cateilor, autoritatile au cheltuit peste 40.000.000 EURO in toata tara pana in prezent (bani din pensia bunicilor, alocatia copiilor si salariul dvs.)?
      5. … eutanasierea cateilor in Romania inseamna metode crude de ucidere care supun animalele la torturi inimaginabile?
      6. … eutanasierea sporeste numarul de catei de pe strada prin migrarea cateilor abandonati in locul celor ucisi si metodele agresive de prindere a cateilor le stimuleaza agresivitatea acestora?
      7. … la fiecare catel ucis, alti zece catei sunt abandonati?
      8. … uciderea unui catel costa intre 60-200 euro/catel, in timp ce sterilizarea poate fi gratuita?
      9. … multe ONG-uri din strainatate s-au oferit sa sterilizeze gratuit toti cateii din Romania, singura obligatie pe care o avem noi fiind aceea de a pedepsi aspru persoanele care abandoneaza, nu-si sterilizeaza propriul animal, maltrateaza sau ucide animalele, eutanasiaza animale sanatoase?
      10. … singura masura eficienta si recunoscuta de catre Organizatia Mondiala a Sanatatii (OMS) care a dat rezultate in toate tarile civilizate este STERILIZAREA cainilor cu si fara stapan?
      11. … si tarile care in prezent nu mai au catei pe strada, s-au confruntat cu aceste probleme si ca singura solutie eficienta a fost STERILIZAREA si MICROCIPAREA pentru prevenirea abandonului?
      12. … exista orase in Romania unde problema cateilor a fost rezolvata eficient prin STERILIZARE?
      13. … cheltuielile cu un catel in adaposturile de stat sunt egale cu zero? Cateii sunt infometati si nu beneficiaza de tratament medical adecvat.
      14. … mare parte din muscaturile catei raportate sunt de fapt muscaturi de catei cu stapan?
      15. … ONG-urile NU SUNT finantate de la bugetul de stat, donatorii privati fiind cei care sustin activitatea unui ONG?
      16. … daca legea privind protectia animalelor s-ar aplica ar aduce la bugetul de stat peste 30.000.000 lei/an din amenzi si taxe ca urmare a impozitarii animalelor nesterilizate (daca noi platim contributiile catre stat, este normal ca si cei care vand catei sa le plateasca)?
      17. … sterilizarea unui animal cu stapan aduce numai beneficii pentru starea de sanatate a acestuia?
      18. … sterilizarea timpurie, inainte de primele calduri (minim 5 luni) reduce riscul de cancer mamar cu pana la 200 de ori?
      19. … legea eficienta care reduce numarul de catei de pe strada prin metode crestine, umane, morale nu se doreste a fi aprobata pentru ca in acest fel nu s-ar mai putea fura banii de la bugetul de stat?
      20. … violenta fata de animale degenereaza in violenta fata de oameni, cei care ucid cu cruzime un animal avand tulburari comportamentale severe, care ii fac violenti si fata de om?
      21. … pana si Bulgaria a adoptat sterilizarea, pedepsind aspru cruzimea fata de animale?

      • xnici says:

        Someone wrote me something very interesting. He compared the number of dogbites with the rate of violent crime. He said ” the violent crime rate is only 1000 a year”. ONLY? You mean that if only 1000 children are killed every year doesn’t matter? You know that in Romania every day a child dissapears and he is never found? You know that in Romania every day two children are abused? You know how many women are abused and raped daily? ONLY????? This man who cursed me, sustain that he loves people? But when he doesn’t care about women and child raped, abused, murdered, how can he claims that he cares about me? Oh, sorry, he proved again, that animal lovers are hated, that normal people are hated.

  6. Sheila Rawdem says:

    Romania must not be allowed to stay in the eu if it continues to live in the dark ages…

  7. xnici says:

    You know what’s worse? Our children are raised in fear of those who pretend that they love humans. Our children see how animals are tortured, see how their normal parents who respect animals are treated, and they feel threatened. That’s how they “love” children. I saw many children protesting agains dog killers. I saw many normal children. Our president don’t need normal children, he needs those children who are teached to kill people, starting with animals. And you wonder that in all countries where romanians go, you find out that romanian raped women, killed children and abused people? You should’t complain when you open the door on romanians, because they are barbarians. Not all of them, at least now they are not murderers, but with an education in the spirit of violence and hate, you should be affraid to have romanian as you next door neighboor. Helping us to educate our children with love for animals and humans too, you are sure that you will not have a murderer like a next door neighboor, but a civilised human being. Help us to raise our children in a civilised country! Help us to keep a clean EU!

  8. xnici says:

    we know that neutering dogs is the only method, but authorities don’t want not to have dogs on streets. click on the links in the article to find out why. Because of this I know that our contry leaders hate us, hate our children.

  9. Roula says:

    This is awful a load of dictators can we not get into contact with the human rights organisation this basescu should be in prison and should be prosecuted what needs is someone to video or tape these threats and all to donate and take them to court through the justice courts!

  10. sanna says:

    Please… Stop this right now…

  11. supriya says:

    thats really sad. we should help animals and the animal lovers…

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  13. Elke Winkler says:

    This is why they don’t let Romania join the Schengen. As they said in the news because too many criminals and corruption …

    Is there any petition or better maybe, because this is urgent, you should write down e-mail adresses of the responsibles and of important politicians, so that people can protest. And maybe for the lazy ones a sample letter. And also then we could ask the mayor as well for what the money is spent! It is important that those persons KNOW that people worldwide watch and that they can’t hide!! You must make this public but in a way that people can act !! People who are on facebook can post it then….

    • xnici says:

      we wrote to them, but they just simple don’t care about us. they care only about the money. a deputy from the head party of Romania – PDL, admitted that they want to kill dogs for money. he admitted that they know that killing dogs is no solution and that’s why they choose to do this, to have a sourse of money for ever. he even admitted that he knows that they instigates to violence and murderagainst children and people who respect animals. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

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