Countries from EU say: GET ROMANIA OUT OF EU, NOW!

Romania proved that is a country o barbarian, a country of killer, of psychopats. That’s why all countries from EU say that Romania should not be a member of EU. Tourists choose not to come to Romania to assist how animals are treated with cruelty. The number of tourists in Romania is decreasing.

You can find many petitions against Romania.

Their message is clear: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. They quoted Martin Luther King Jr to show us that if we don’t want to respect all forms of life created by God, they will consider Romania out of EU and they will treat romanians as they are: criminals.

In another petition UK demands Romania to stop the cruelty against animals or to give the money they gave us back. We should not forget, that all psychologist know that if someone kill an animal for pleasure (euthanasia in Romania means that dogs/cats are hanged, poisoned, shot and the list of cruelty is very long – in Romania are many cases of children or adults who killed animals, cut paws of dogs, beat horses, and after a while they killed their brothers or some other people). The number of romanian criminals from EU countries proves that this kind of behavior is not a good one.

If you acces those links below, you can see, why EU countries want Romania out of EU: (dogs from Romania) (in english too) (this is Traian Basescu the President of Romania, who said that we should treat animals as children are treated. In the same year he started the massacre of dogs)


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3 Responses to Countries from EU say: GET ROMANIA OUT OF EU, NOW!

  1. Marietta W.Alfaro says:

    Fair commentary. Unfortunately this is “reality” of affairs in Romania. Thank you for the article!

    • xnici says:

      PLEASE PROTEST IN FRONT OF ALL EMBESSY OF ROMANIA FROM YOUR COUNTRIES! On 14.09.2011 they agreed to let the authorities to kill with cruelty stray dogs! Now the final vote will be next week, but it is almost certain that the euthanasia (hangind, beating, hunting, stabbing) of dogs will be legal in ROMANIA! Please help us now!

  2. xnici says:

    Somebody told me to give you the definition of euthanasia in Romania. I think that more correct than telling words is to show you exactly how stray dogs are euthanized in Romania (if links above didn’t convince you). Bonus, you will see how dog catchers act in Romania and how are stray dogs treated in romanian’s shelters that belong to authorities.

    I must tell you that normality in Romania is to kill dogs with cruelty and not only dogs. If in other countries this behavior is punished, in Romania is stimulated.

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