Batranii sunt costisitori

O stire de ultima ora, facuta pentru a ridica in slavi actuala conducere si pentru a instiga la violente impotriva cateilor, a spus un mare adevar. Iata titlul stirii: “Maidanezii, mai costisitori pentru buget decât bătrânii”. Printr-o deducere simpla, este evident ca batranii sunt si ei costisitori. Acum, intrebarea mea este: dupa ce termina de ucis cainii, vor trece la ucis batranii? Pentru ca economiile la buget tot vor trebui facute, iar actuala conducere a tarii pare a nu avea nici constiinta, niciun Dumnezeu si rautatea fara margini pare a atinge apogeul in acest an. De ce? Simplu. Este nevoie de fonduri pentru a cumpara voturi la urmatoarele alegeri. Deci – sunteti de acord cu uciderea animalelor, sunteti de acord si cu uciderea batranilor, iar cand vor termina cu toti vor trece la ucis copii. A, pardon, deja sunt ucisi in spitale. Concluzia poate fi deja trasa, inainte de a mai ajunge la alegerile de anul viitor. Dar, daca veti incuraja aceste comportamente aberante si bolnave, veti avea ceea ce meritati.

Iata si sursa: (Evenimentul zilei ne-a trasat adevarul despre intentiile ucigase ale actualei conduceri. Multumim pentru ca acum stim cu cine avem de-a face!)


Pentru a vedea ce inseamna sa fii om:

Raspuns complet de la un parlamentar englez la emailurile trimise
Thank you for your email regarding dog population management.

UKIP is not in favour of animal suffering in any way and we condemn such
barbaric practises to defenceless creatures.

In fact, EU laws have directly harmed the welfare of animals thanks to
the implementation of directives such as the EU’s Registration,
Evaluation, Authorisation and Limitation of Chemicals Regulation (REACh)
– which engenders a huge increase in the number of experiments being
conducted upon animals.

Unfortunately EU legislation is not open to much scrutiny and no one you
vote for can repeal or modify the law, which begs the question: are we
living in a democracy? This is the point that we are trying to make.
Our elected government can do nothing as 75% of UK laws are made by
foreign bureaucrats in Brussels.

Additionally, the EU has complete control over UK trade policy in the
world too – so it is not up to our elected government to suspend trade
deals with countries that perpetrate such acts towards animals.

Finally, because we have complete open borders with the EU we cannot do
anything about the very long travelling times for animals, particularly
horses – who have to endure journeys, often in bad conditions, of up to
8 hours.

The only thing we can do to stop all this, is to leave the EU and
implement our own (safer) animal welfare laws.

Because of the strength of feeling on the dog management campaign, Mr.
Farage will officially ask a parliamentary question, on your behalf, to
the Commission to get to the bottom of what they plan to do on this

Written Declarations are about as useful as messages-in-bottles, thrown
into the sea, but an oral question in the house is heard, and viewed, by
thousands around the world, and the EU-Commission is obliged to answer.

Yours sincerely,
Jamie Illingworth

Office of Nigel Farage, Brussels


Ne miram ca nu am fost primiti in spatiul Schengen? Credeti ca europenii sunt prosti?


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