A little girl from Romania poisoned by dog killers

Although a girl was poisoned by dog killers, authorities and mass-media seem to take part of dog killers.  In Navodari, Romania, over 30 stray dogs and 10 dogs with owners, were poisoned by authorities. A collateral victim of this rage against animals, was a little girl who touched the poison who was thrown in park. Authorities deny that they had something to do with this, but the truth is that they are moral culpable because they don’t want to apply the only method to reduce the number of the dogs from the streat: neutering all dogs. For more than ten years, authorities from Romania massacred over 100.000 dogs (euthanasia meaning stabbing, poisoning, hunting, hanging or other cruel way to kill dogs some in front of little children) and the number of stray dogs continued to increase. That’s why NGO’s and people who respect animals support the neutering of all dogs with or without owner to become obligations. In the same time, the president of Romania Traian Basescu and the leading party PDL want to legalize cruel killing of stray dogs, saying that there is no other way to solve the problem. In the shelters from Romania that are subordinated to romanian authorities, everyday dogs die of hunger, thirsty or diseases. They are not treated good, but authorities say that they pay lots of money to do this, to kill them with cruelty exactly.

A few days ago, an ex-mayor from Bucharest Adriean Videanu, was obliged to pay more than 1.3 million Euros because he is accused of buying a land for a dog shelter with a 5 times the real price. That shelter is one of the many from Romania, where stray dogs are killed with cruelty, but the money for them… we don’t know exactly for what are used. Or we know! This ex-mayor Adriean Videanu built an enormous house with the money that he stole from the dogs.

In this time, children will be killed by those who declare that they kill dogs to save them. We need EU help, because the authorities from Romania and even mass-media are doing their best to instigate to violence and murder not only against stray dogs, but although against people (including children) who respect animals.


(news in romanian: http://m.stirileprotv.ro/lbin/mobile/index.php?article_id=3267566)


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One Response to A little girl from Romania poisoned by dog killers

  1. Ann-Sofie Samuelsson says:

    They have feelings and feel pain. You have no right. Its against Gud, Good

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