The proof that PDL paid people to gather signatures for the killing of strays/Dovada ca PDL a platit in natura, la negru, voluntarii sa stranga semnaturi pentru uciderea cainilor

(thank you Adal Wolf for translation)


English Translation of the article:

A strange story.  Young PDL supporters accused the party of abandoning them at a mountain camp: “They said it’s not their business to take us home. We should manage ourselves how we can, call our relatives to pick us up”.


Several young supporters accuse the organization of PDL Sector 4 Bucharest, 18 college and its president, municipal councilor Calin Murg, as they went on a trip to Bran that was supposed to be “all inclusive”, but has turned into a “big mockery”. “We didn’t had enough space in the room, we slept in shifts, we were not given enough food, and the departure we had nothing to go back. They said it’s not their business to take us home. We should manage ourselves how we can”, it’s Cristina Gimba’s declaration, one of the young supporters  that went on the mountain trip.

Radu Mihai, the man who was in charge of organizing the trip, (OTPDL District 4)  contacted by, denied the allegations: “There are people who have something with me. They are lies and do I do not understand their purpose and really do not know why .. . At any time there is political tension and jealousies. ”

“The camp was organized by Mr. Calin Murg from PDL.  The camp was a reward for the group of young people who have served the party tents for gathering petition signatures for stray dogs on euthanasia. Camp took place between 25 and 30 October in Bran, “said Cristina Gimba, one of the young people who participated in the trip to Bran.

According to the girl, young people were informed that “the road round trip, accommodation and food” were provided, but during the trip occurred “problems one by one.”

“I were staying 4-5 persons in a room for two people. We sleep in shifts’

“The first problem was sleeping in the rooms. We were 15 people and I got to sleep in shifts  or 4-5 persons slept in one bed. The room was a double bed. Another problem was the food, there were suppose to be three meals a day. After that there are times when food was announcing served, food was insufficient and came less than how many people we were in the group. We were 15 people and only 8-9 food plates were served, sometimes up to 10 “, Cristina Gimba told us.

The girl’s story is supported by Ion Samoil,  the one who organized the PDL mountain trip in District 4,  College 18.

“We got there. We were staying even 4 people in each room. We sleep in shifts. The food was very, very little. You got to eat for breakfast only if you were the first one to wake up. I had colleagues who remained didn’t got to ete even the small breakfast and lunch, “said Ion Samoil for

“At departure they said we have they had no means to take us back and we should handle ourselver”.

The big problem, according to two of them, occured at the departure when Radu Mihai, the trip organizer of the party announced that they will have to return to Bucharest on their own.

“Sunday morning, on leaving, we had no transportation to leave with. Let’s see whith what can we leave, minibus, bus, for all that you must have money, but Mr. Murg assistant shrugged and said he doesn’t cares. Everyone asked “what do we do in this situation?”. He said he does not care, he did not know, he can not solve this problem and he will leave. And than  left. We said how we handle eventually we would call relatives. The situation  seemed the most awkward and I think a big mockery, “Cristina Gimba told us.

According to Cristina Gimba, the young people who participated in the trip to Bran “were mostly students. They are sympathizers of the party and helped with the tents for a week to gather signatures for the PDL petition for euthanasing the stray dogs. As far as I know, some are members of youth organizations and others are simply sympathizers. Camp was a reward for the work the young people served at the tents. ”

The organizer of the trip: “They lie. There are some people who think about them they are very smart and have something with me “ contacted by telephone and asked about the situation, the trip organizer, Radu Mihai, the youth organizations PDL District 4, has denied all accuzations, qualifying them as lies.

It is not true. How to do this? They lie. There are some people who think they are very smart about it and tried to make me seem evil. Do they have something with me. I wanted to do good and they seem like …. liyng. There are just lies and I do not understand the purpose and I really do not know why …”, says Radu Mihai.

“In every rooms there were just 2 persons, just in one room 3 people were staying together but because they wanted it that way. At each table there were two servings each plus and were provided three meals a day. It is true what they say. Everything was provided. People have returned with carriage paid, not their money. When we returned back by train and bus and much of them returned with their cars. Return travel was provided. There the payment was young, “said Radu Mihai.

Asked about the trip and municipal councilor Murg Calin, Mihai Radu said the trip “is a youth project. It was financed by Mr. Calin Murg trip. Mr. Murg had nothing to do with this trip. I do not think she knows this. ”

PDL District 4: Funds for the trip came from donations made by seniors from the College 18

Ask by of the money was funded trip and what it cost, PDL District 4 representatives stated that the funds come from the seniors of the College 18, but could not say how much money was spent.

“It was a social meeting organized by her young. Funds for the trip came from donations on behalf of the College 18 seniors. The young people are doing a social project, we propose and, if funding is found, it’s approved. Mr. Calin Murg is President of the College 18, PDL District 4, but he didn’t personally financed the trip “, said District 4 representatives PDL.

The organizer of the trip: “In any moment there are political tensions and jealousies. I suppose that is the case here”

In a subsequent discussion, this time worn by e-mail to request, trip organizer OTPDL from District 4, asked what he had with people who criticize the trip, Radu Mihai said that “any time there are tensions and political jealousies. I suppose that is the case here.

“I can only say that the trip was a successful time for at least 15 young people who were transported to the camping trip and bacl home, staying and who have received pre-set conditions,” said Radu Mihai.

The young PDL man also said there is no conflict between himself and any participant in the trip “If you have a person that I can bring any a person who can accuse me of anything, bring evidence also, not just words and inventions, I would like to nominate me. We live in a rule of law and each is responsible for what they say and do, “said Radu Mihai.

Asked about what motivated the young people to criticize the organization and would have to lie about the trip, Radu Mihai said: “For scandal, affirmation, tabloidisation. I do not know if one person or more, but the team works hand than I do, well organized many successful actions, and that bothers some less capable persons. “


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