The neglected children of Romania

Two weeks ago the Romanian media announced a tragedy: a 4-year old boy was devoured by a pack of stray dogs nearby a public park (in a private yard!). It seemed that the boy and his older brother ran away and got lost from the park where they had been accompanied by their grandmother. They said that the older brother watched the entire scene and returned to the park to alert his grandmother. In shock, he was able to tell the story to his grandmother in detail.

The way the Authorities handled this case and the attitude of the family of the little boy raises serious doubts about the truth behind this story. It seems that the media and the authorities try to alter the real facts.

Here is how the authorities handled the case.

Firstly, the coroner took a hasty look at the dead body of the little boy and he concluded that the stray dogs killed him, without making any thorough investigation as he was supposed to (no DNA test, not even a bite matching test or a surgery to the dogs to see if the they have human flesh in their stomach).

Secondly, the investigators found at the site a pack of 4-5 stray dogs, but a very calm and friendly one, neuter and feed by people around. The dogs welcomed the police and the Authority for Animal Protection with no signs of aggression nor violence. How could those friendly dogs kill the child or any child for that matter?

Thirdly, the prosecutor publicly declared that stray dogs were responsible for this crime without doing any tests to prove this and before the end of the investigation.

Fourthly, the evidence on the crime scene were ignored, destroyed or lost on purpose. The place where the child was found dead was never officially investigated, the incriminated stray dogs were picked up and than lost and nowhere to be found and the crime scene was burned to the ground – I wonder why?! A couple days after the incident, a private investigation team found the protection suit of the coroner and a bag with supposedly child’s blood stains on it.

On the other hand, the child’s family told a lot of lies about the incident, thus increasing the suspicions on the public side.

Next, although the grandmother failed to supervise her own nephews and didn’t announced their missing for a long time, the child’s family, supported by the entire Romanian media and the politicians started an aggressive and cruel campaign against all stray dogs. They used any channel available (Facebook, internet, TV and newspapers) to instigate against stray dogs, inviting people to KILL THEM ALL WITH CRUELTY. Furthermore, the grandmother publicly declared that “all stray dogs must become soap!”.

I must tell you that there are some reasons for having stray dogs on streets:
– there is no legal frame to make pet owners neuter their dogs;
– although is a legal frame to punish abandon and cruelty towards animals, the police officers ignore it or they are amused by those
– the politicians didn’t want to approve, for more than 5 years, the law that would have been solved the stray dogs problem by neutering dogs with or without an owner

– in the local shelters own by City Hall dogs are treated with cruelty, their food is stolen and sold and the dogs are left to die of hunger and euthanasia means stabbing, poisoning, electrocuting, beating to death etc.
All the above are exactly the reasons why mass-killing campaigns of stray dogs have no specific results and why we fought for years to educate people.

Given all this mass hysteria, we started parallel investigations.
AFTER we began our inquiries, many details and evidence started to raise to the surface, so many that the media started to shift towards our version.
We found out that:
– The site where the supposed crime took place is about 1 km away from the park;
– For two hours the grandmother didn’t alert the police, other authority or anyone in the park about missing of her nephews;
– Witnesses saw her laying on a bank, calmly drinking beer and smoking even if her own two nephews were nowhere to be seen;
– The children’s grandmother is very seek and not able to take care of her nephews because little kids demand special attention and full involvement;
– The grandmother told that her oldest nephew (a 6-year old boy), which was brought back by a man, said that he had seen the entire scene of his brother being devoured by the stray dogs and than told his grandmother “This is it granny, he is dead. Please don’t beat me. I did nothing wrong”. I wonder how such a small kid is able to speak so detached being in shock after seeing such a horror?! I also wonder if the child is beaten often?! Only after an hour after his nephew’s told her the story the grandmother decided to alert the police, although a bodyguard wanted to help her by calling police (the child could have been alive and he might died because of this delay)
– Some journalists took possession of the recorded images from the cameras placed in the park (not the police or any other official investigator which not even bothered to take a look at!), images that proved the children were neglected for a long time and that the grandmother told lies to the police and the media when she said that her nephews had been missing for only 20 minutes. It seems the grandmother is trying to prepare a third story that would fit the images from the park cameras.
– At the funeral neither the parents nor the grandmother cried – this is very strange. Even more, everything they did soon afterwards was to go to several cheap TV shows only to gain benefits from their own tragedy and to instigate to mass murder of stray dogs. One explanation the family gave for not showing any sign of grief was that they were on medication but this is not true because people on drugs have some specific signs nowhere to be found on this family (this is the opinion of a psychologist).
– The family is always accompanied by a lawyer who help them win some money and protect them. We ask why do they need protection? (the lawyer also protected a felon that is an well known politician who got to jail in the end)
– After the funeral, the mother made a press conference in which she asked who is protected by the Constitution: dogs or children? We wonder what kind of a mother is thinking of the Constitution immediately after she buries her child.
– The next day after the funeral, the child’s family organized a protest against stray dogs, gathering almost 100 persons. They were helped by an non-registered organization and a person from the porn industry abroad;
– As a result of their actions, Facebook is full with horrible things: cruel messages and horrible pictures of dogs being poisoned, stabbed, burned alive, beaten; even more, people who respect animals, including children are aggressed and beaten when they are seen with an adopted dog from the street;
– In the video from the park, we can see the older brother being brought back by a man and as they passed by a stray dog the child showed no fear. If he had assisted to his brother attack, he would to be in a great fear towards dogs, but he wasn’t. He was very calm, too calm actually.
– Although it is supposed that the child was devoured alive and his brother assisted, nobody heard any scream from either of children (in the area were many people, including some fishermen)
– On the day of the funeral, the parents were chatting on Facebook trying to teach us what Romanian Constitution was saying about people protection and that all dogs should be killed. ON THE DAY OF THE FUNERAL!!! When they were supposed to be in great pain.
– The older brother was interviewed by the police after 2 weeks, after he heard many discussions about his brother on TV or in the house, discussions that could alter his memories of the accident (his grandmother says that the child is turning off the TV when he sees a show about his brother). First: why they allow him to watch those shows? And second: why he wasn’t interviewed then by a psychologist to find out what REALLY happened?
– How did the older child know that his brother was dead? Did he check out his pulse? Is there a possibility that the little kid was still alive and because of the late alert of authorities he died meanwhile??? Maybe, if the grandmother called the police in time, the child might be alive. The coroner said that he bled to death (no sign of such an amount of blood was actually found at the site, but let’s suppose that this is true). Maybe if the grandmother had called in time for the doctors the boy might still be alive now. In hospital, but alive!

We think that the police officers, the coroner and the prosecutor have no interest to find out the truth, because they did everything in a superficial way. They destroyed all the evidence and they did their best to close the case blaming the stray dogs, although it is well known that in the area where the boy was found dead, many people go with fight dogs to train them there. There are witnesses that said that two dogs belonging to a restaurant owner disappeared after the incident and they knew that these dogs used to go out and attacked two children before.

Let’s say the neglected boy was found dead in the lake. This would be a tragedy but nobody would kill the water!!! BUT, the biggest problem is that in Romania it is normal to leave your child unattended, to let him go away from you, to let him run free on the streets, forests etc. If something happens with the child (and often happens in Romania!), the parents are not to blame, although we have a law that punish exactly this irresponsible behavior of parents or the family.
Many children are found poisoned, left alone in houses at young ages, kidnapped, raped, fallen from window etc. because their parents’ neglect. This happens ONLY because of their parents indifference towards their children. Media only tell us what a tragedy happened, but nobody take action to stop or punish negligence.
I saw with my own eyes a 7-year old boy who was sent by his parents to buy cigarettes and beer. The seller just asked him if those are for his parents. Yes, he said and that was all. He took his cigarettes and beer and went home although it was already dark outside. What if something happened to him? If dogs were to bite him, they were cruelty killed and that was that. If he were to be raped or kidnapped or hit by a car, nobody would be punished, believe me. Not even his parents who sent him alone at this young age to shop for cigarettes and beer.

In the tragedy I speak about, the grandmother and parents are to blame. The first one because she didn’t take care of the children and didn’t call the cops in time to save Ionut (the name of the boy who died) and the parents because they left two little children full of energy with an old and sick woman.

The grandmother is twice lucky now because the media, authorities and police attention was distracted (we think that someone with influence is behind this) from the REAL problem, especially now when the law of mass killing stray dogs was voted in the Romanian Parliament and the massacre started (the truth is that it’s never stopped!) and because the child was bitten by a dog and not drowned. Maybe if he was found drowned it would be another story, but you know, the stray dogs business is producing lots of money for the next year election for the president and MEP. Strange coincidence.
We hear often that in Romania laws are made to be broken. Really??? A law that protect children and punish those who neglect them is made to be broken??? REALLY???
Maybe this happens because we have not only incompetent social workers, but also criminal social workers (a former social worker sold a woman for prostitution for 250 lei, almost 56 euros).

It is said that the police and prosecutor intend to close this case blaming stray dogs, all stray dogs, without any hard evidence (the coroner certified they have no technical means to prove the bites belong to stray dogs or fight dogs).

A law that legalize stray dogs massacre (in local shelters dogs were already killed with cruelty) may be promulgate by the Romanian President who already sent a clear message to Constitutional Court of Romania to allow the law pass even if it is NOT constitutional (this law was discussed last year and this was the verdict).

This story will end like this:
– Stray dogs will be killed with cruelty and the dogs killer will be very happy
– The irresponsible parents will be heroes
– Children of all irresponsible parents may die from other causes than stray dogs, because they have parents who neglect them, not because of the stray dogs
– Many criminals have already been encouraged to act not only against animals, but also against people. This is a rage that will never be eradicated and the criminals will be more dangerous with every passing  day, because, although the law punish animals cruelty, police do nothing to stop them and to protect humans in the end. We all know that those criminals never stop with animals, they just start with animals.

Now, I ask you, people from Europe and not only, tell me, please, if a story like this happens in your country and if the parents/grandparents are not looking for their children/nephews for 2 hours or they don’t call the cops the moment they find out that something bad occurs to their child, what would happen to them? Would some animals or all animals from that breed be blamed? Or the parents/grandparents? I know that you have no problem with stray dogs, because you are civilized and neuter all your dogs, but let’s imagine that it is a wild animal.

I look forward for your message and divine justice to be made in this case, because I have no faith in the Romanian justice.

Update: from a recent article, the family lawyer says that it really doesn’t matter anymore if the child was or wasn’t killed by stray dogs. He is determined to ask for money. Everything that matters in this case is the money. They will ask for compensation from the City Hall even if the tragedy took place on a private land.

I must remind you that dogs on a private land ARE NOT STRAY DOGS, but dogs with an owner doing their job to protect the private property. I believe that blaming the stray dogs, they just want to cover the owner of the land (which is not really to blame in this case because the grandmother was neglecting her nephews who wandered about 1 km right through rough terrain and wild vegetation and God only knows how did they get there) and this is why I believe that someone with a very high position of power is involved in this case. Under the circumstances, not doing the correct research and destroying all evidence, it is very clear that someone is manipulating the case from inside or from above.


(thank you Ana Maria for your corrections)



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10 Responses to The neglected children of Romania

  1. cometotimmy says:

    As an American married to a Romanian and who went to the point of becoming a (temporary) resident because i really love Romania, I have to say: before this campaign against the stray dogs I had nothing bad to say about Romania and Romanians.

    Now, I have to say, the view has, after over two years, finally become tarnished, although I know many Romanians are not in favor of the campaign. They talk about vicious packs of stray dogs, but I’ve never had a problem.

    If I put this issue out of my mind, I can get back to digging Romania, but whenever I’m reminded, it brings me down, bad. Thanks for making this article. I tried to write on the subject but just got wore out.

    • xnici says:

      thank you so much for your message. it is quite refreshing to see an opinion from someone from another country who lives here. please do share our story (very real, unfortunately) and let everyone to see how we “evolved”. People from Finland know about romanians that we leave in forests like animals. no, we are not animals, we are worse.

      • cometotimmy says:

        I’m trying
        (I know it is not all)
        Actually I still love this place.

      • emil says:

        Salutare,n-am idee cum sa te contactez dar iti trimit aici ca raspuns.Am o analiza facuta de pe 4 sept unde am pus cap la cap toate info si de unde reiese ca Ionut nu este mort.dovezile indica manipulare si nimic mai mult.

        It all hit me on the 4th of sept (2 days after the kid was ‘’killed’’) when I saw how entire media is so onto killing dogs and there is nothing else on the news no matter the channel or newspaper.
        This efforts and this coordination is only possible with the help of the government.I know I sound nuts here but once again please read it all to the end and double check what I say here and you will see with your own eyes.

        I will attach all links used in the investigation to this email so you can have a better view.
        Please pay attention to the dates in this case as they are the most important facts.It would help to write them down on stickers and pin them so you see them better.

        Here we go:
        For 20 years we have had stray dogs on the streets and yes despite the fact we have thousands of people bitten on the streets little is known about the fact that only 60% of the ones going to hospital are bitten by stray dogs.All the rest have been bitten by dogs with owners.
        Suddenly,the dogs become wolves and kill a kid but they do not eat it(despite the facts that all ‘’conneseurs’’ on TV said the dogs get aggressive when they are not fed properly)and leave it in the bushes.

        This happened on the 2nd of Sept 2013 around noon.
        All newspapers and tv channels started to broadcast pictures with dogs with blood around their mouths or depicted as beasts.***
        All idiots appear on TV but none is a dog specialist and even the forensic doctor (muslim which we all know have little in common with animals)has an opinion despite the fact that he is on the screen only to say the result of the forensic exam.He starts to give advice on how to make the dogs disappear.***
        Remember the date of 2nd sept as it is important and it was Monday.

        -In none of the pictures I saw here where I live(Spain/Gibraltar) I could see any body.We might say that the corpse was so terrible mutilated that they could not show it on tv.Wrong.Another kid that was sliced with a chainsaw by his dad was shown on the news a few days earlier.More than that Monica Columbeanu’s mother that had her skull wide open by a rock was on news with all the brains and blood all over the place.

        -They have tried in the past to kill the dogs but it did not work out as one victim was an Japanese guy and another was a gipsy woman trying to steal from an enclosed space.
        This time they used what people love most and consider innocent.A small kid,pure,smart,kind and all the rest knowing how viewers will react to it(‘’do you have kids? imagine this being your kid’’ is the only phrase heard all over media)

        -There are no pictures from the scene.There is no police tape around the area despite the fact that in other cases even the surrounding streets were closed.

        -There is supposed to be a body of a 4 year old kid which according to the forensics result died due to massive blood loss.Think again and look at the pictures or movie on TV.Two forensics bring out a stretcher in white where a body as big as the stretcher (a 4 years old kid is no taller than 1.20-1.50 m)is covered in a white sheet and where forensics had both white latex gloves….where is the massive blood loss? Even if the white sheet is a white body bag which I doubt by the looks of it it should still have blood stains.Remember the forensics were there no later than 1 hour so blood should be still dripping especially in mid day heat.More than that forensics picked up the body with their hands not with the power of mind so the latex gloves should have blood….And the forensics are smiling when seeing the cameras.

        -A few pictures with the spot where the body was found were displayed but again no blood there.

        -When the body was placed in coffin the parents said the kid was wearing his favourite hat just to cover the missing scalp.Look at the pictures and you will see the hat as a brand new one.We all know how kids are obsessive with things and when you say favourite it means they usually have it in all pictures or activities.None of the pictures on facebook have that hat.The coffin only displayed the head which had a hat on and face covered with a white cloth….could be Justin Bieber in the coffin from my point of Chucky the doll.
        The very fact that father invited all to have a look is the first sign as the strategy is that you would feel disgusted to see such a horrible thing and you will look away.This way nobody will ask questions.

        -The area where the body was found is 10-100 m away from a residencial area(depending on how you look at it)as it is surrounded by houses,across the street there are many blocks of flats with view to the area and the very same spot is max 50 m away from a swimming pool.
        Tell me that 2 kids attacked by dogs would not be heard by the bystanders or people living there or people from the swimming pool.Not to mention that grandma is no further than 200m away and not 1 km away as idiots claim nowdays.Please find attached the map.Now please look at the scale on the left down corner.Please keep this in mind as is it very important

        -All relatives starting with grandmother try to cry on the news,keeps saying that he was the best kid,smart,good and all the rest and keeps saying that stray dogs must be killed.Kill Kill Kill is the only word you hear.***

        -Father keeps arms crossed over his chest,speaks looking to the right.Body language comes in clusters and if you check all the video clips of this guy you will see how he is hiding something(I did 2 courses on body language).

        Now let’s take a brake and see who and what is there to gain from all this muppets show.

        1-a good piece of land.In Bucharest the north area is one of the most expensive one.That area where the kid was found should cost millions of EUR and guess who is the main one to blame on the kill ? The very owner of the land who could spend a few years in jail for not closing that area with a fence.Please keep this in mind as you will see who he is and why the fuss about it.

        2-a mayor job to give the contracts of dog catching to the right inside men.Sector 2 mayor ,Neculai Ontanu is suddenly under attack by the press right after the incident.After years of being mayor in that area,suddenly the press realises that he is doing bad things with the public money….or the press is manipulated to do so as this mayor did not want to give the contracts to the mob guys belonging to the general mayor’s friends.
        When you want contracts and you cannot get them what do you do ? You throw the dead cat in the other yard and blame it on him with all your weapons.

        Let’s not forget that 2014 is election year for mayors and out of this frenzy killing the general mayor Sorin Oprescu will either come out as the one that saved the poor kids from the beasts and he will be reelected or,he will leave the townhall with a pocket full of 4 mil EUR .

        Why is that ? Well despite the fact that a referendum was asked,a new law was passed straight away and the auction where the companies that were supposed to be in charge of catching the dogs,feed them and kill them was won by 3 companies that have nothing to do with animal control.

        One company is a dental company,one is business consultant and one is a furniture contractor.They were all selected by the general mayor and the costs for each captured dog is 50 EUR.

        Multiply that 50 EUR with the numbers given by them 65000 and you will have 3.25 mil EUR.

        From other sources which I cannot disclaim I know that in another town(Oradea) the dog catchers report they catch 12-24 dogs/day on a price of 50 EUR but in reality they only grab 1-2 dogs that have owners.They only write it down in papers so they can get the money.In case it will be needed I will try to convince the source to reveal the info.

        3-Contract for future care of the dogs.That’s a lot of money.This year the budget is 4 mil EUR and we are supposed to kill all the dogs this year….how come the budget for next year is 6 mil EUR ? Are we expecting more dogs instead of less ?

        Now you have the reasons why this would have happened but not the main one at all.

        See,for the past 20 min you were trapped in reading all this info and you forgot one thing and here comes in play the dates I was talking about.
        1st of September 10000 people were on the streets in Bucharest only protesting against the gold mining at Rosia Montana and not a single tv station broadcast them.No newspaper wrote a line about it as quickly the very next day a kid was killed

        Let’s do some more dates investigations shall we ?

        You have the kid’s mother facebook page built in 2005.There are a few photos from aug 2005 but only added in aug 2013.Nothing strange here as people usually create FB accounts and leave it till later.
        There are some other photos from 2006 again added later….might say had no time to do it.

        Then we have pictures from 2010 already.This year the ‘’victim’’ was already 1 year old but no pictures of him anywhere on her profile nor his brother which was 3 already.

        2011 is the year when the kids first appear.Strange as if you post pictures of your wedding as important part of your life why wouldn’t you post pictures of your kids till they are 3 years old and 5 the oldest one? And why would you post the pictures 1 year later? First pictures appear posted 1 year later than they were taken.

        Now we go to 2012 and here are interesting things to be seen.You have a series of pictures with the kids at the sea in a Bulgarian resort.There are 4 photos in particular that come out.Kids on the beach.Photos taken in august,two photos posted in sept 2012,one photo in march 2013 and one in june 2013.Keep in mind Feb 2013.

        In march 2013 the ‘’victim’’ had his facebook page done.Now why would you create a FB page for a 4 years old kid when you did not even post pictures of him since his birth till he was 3 ? What do you have in mind ? So after feb 2013 when some pictures were uploaded on mother’s page we have the own FB page created.

        There are no pictures there but,on the day of his death the profile picture was changed Hour of change 19.20 so just a few hours after he was killed.(Ionut Anghel is the name on facebook)

        Now let’s go to the dad’s FB account and what do we see ?
        We see that while probably he is still in the morgue identifying his kid,at 20.23 he posts a rip message with pictures on his profile.
        This is grim….I thought that when your kid gets eaten by dogs you lose your mind and run on the streets and cry and do crazy stuff not ‘’check in ‘’ on facebook from the morgue.

        Let’s say he might be a bit coucou the guy but check the rip message and the shares he had.One of the ones sharing the status is his whife,the mother that shared the status at 20.40 so 17 minutes later.

        Were they having a facebook conference on the autopsy table or what?

        Basically I see 2 parents that chat on FB while the kid was still warm and dripping blood.I see a father that looks away,I see no blood and a grandma that keeps telling us he was an angel and I see randomly created FB pages for the kid and randomly added pictures right before the attack.Randomly dates I said ?

        Feb 2013 was the month (6th feb) when the city with the gold problem celebrated 1882 years since birth and 4000 people were on the streets to celebrate.18th feb 2013 is when the protesters against mining distributed 30000 flyers including the first newspaper with the results of the referendum held on dec 9 ,2012,results hidden by the media and government.

        So basically somebody prepared it long ago but it was no need to launch it as there were no riots reported back then.

        All this is textbook work as per manipulation and propaganda definition.Word by word.They have a story,they launch it and throw in all weapons against an enemy that cannot defend itself and the rest of the opposition is silenced.Based on the fact that the public opinion has limited attention and they will forget about the real problem they sent out a more sensitive info about a kid ‘’killed’’ by dogs.

        ‘’Propagandising is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument. Propaganda is commonly created by governments, but some forms of mass-communication created by other powerful organisations can be considered propaganda as well. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda, in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes. While the term propaganda has justifiably acquired a strongly negative connotation by association with its most manipulative and jingoistic examples (e.g. Nazi Propaganda used to justify the Holocaust), propaganda in its original sense was neutral, and could refer to uses that were generally benign or innocuous, such as public health recommendations, signs encouraging citizens to participate in a census or election, or messages encouraging persons to report crimes to the police, among others.’’

        And now when the protests are still on and important voices are asking for answers the smart guys work on counter misleading sending out ‘’internal’’ investigation DNA results telling us that actually the kid was not killed by street dogs but by a Rotwailler.
        First of all it was a secret investigation and the news are not official but were already made public.All people will look and read and fight again against eachother on the streets (pro and anti animals) but the real truth is that there is no such body nor killing.It’s just the masterpiece of counter-missleading.Remember how the big brother described the attack and the dogs colours and all the rest ? How about the older brother that was sent to the hospital as he was bitten as well by the dogs Suddenly there are no dogs but only one and he is not mentioned.Who cares,stupid people won’t notice Obviously all forgot about those details as remember,people have limited attention.This way with still a ‘’body’’ people won’t blame the govt for a fake scenario

        ‘’ Distraction by phenomenon
        A risky but effective strategy summarized best, perhaps, by David Mamet’s 1997 movie Wag the Dog, by which the public can be distracted, for long periods of time, from an important issue, by one which occupies more news time. When the strategy works, you have a war or other media event taking attention away from misbehaving or crooked leaders. When the strategy does not work, the leader’s misbehavior remains in the press, and the war is derided as an attempted distraction.’’

        Here are all the links used in this investigation from the very start. this one the grandmother states the older brother was bitten on one leg by the street dogs) is the grandmother telling the press what the older brother told her about the 5 dogs that were eating his brother….wait a minute I thought it was a Rott…. Obviously this broadcast is from the 4th sept …people forgot all about the older brother today when they see results of DNA tests =))))) ) you have some pictures of the dogs and area.There is a text as well where is quoted the owner of the land telling the media that the older kid was taken to his grandmother by car…..but in other places and even granny tells us the big boy came back alone) you have pictures with the forensics and the snowwhite stretcher and gloves) telling us ,while trying to cry,what a good boy he was and what the older brother told her.this is very important as granny tells people to make all dogs soap,to kill them all)–ingroziti-de-cazul-copilului-ucis-de-caini–doar-pe-talpi-nu-avea-rani_96274.html#ixzz2dwb1b8ns(clip fo the forensics taking out the stretcher ,a bit of smiling and in the background the chief forensic telling us how the kid died by bleeding out….still there is no blood on the white sheet or gloves) clip where same doctor suddenly becomes expert in dogs and tells us why the dogs attacked and gives solutions about extermination…same thing as the whole clip made just to push people to kill the dogs) from the other case I was talking about where in the pictures you can see blood and brains all you can see blood but a kid’s blood is not good.Anyway look at the amount of blood and picture a white sheet;) ) telling us that the DNA shows none of the dogs involved killed the boy….now comes in play the messup cleaning) news telling us same DNA thing)

        Facebook accounts are as follow: Andreea Felicia Anghel as mother.-
        Valentin Anghel as father –
        Ionut Anghel as victim –

        Father posted a rip page @ 20:23 and mother shared it @ 20:40 on the very same evening the kid died

        More than that he even posts pictures with him.

        Now have a look at the hour (19:20)the victim’s profile picture was changed and his ghost even liked it

        Just remember that soon after the kid was ‘killed’ the father was saying ‘’we were just preparing for a holiday’’ so I wrote on my FB page that I would even bet the whole family will go abroad…for good (and there reunite with the kid under a whitness protection like programme).

        Few days ago the older kid had to be rushed to the psychiatric hospital as he is affected…..nearly 2 weeks later only.Anyway the kid needs to go to a special center now and that one is called Salvati Copiii and it has branches in other countries as well.

        The easiest thing to do to find out the truth is to stick to the family and see where they go.My bet stands in regards to a holiday abroad ‘’for the sake of the other kid’’ ,a holiday from where they will never return.

        Take a look at the picture with the plot where it all happened via Google Maps.
        Just look at the scale on the left corner.That is 100 m .So the kids were max 300 m away from grandma not 1 km as most say.Look how many houses,look at the pool and the blocks of flats.And nobody heard anything

        And now as I mentioned the plot and the high prices in that area…..
        The owner had 2 companies on same business domain,opened same day one after the other.One was erased last year but still why would you open 2 companies of the same ? Both were in building development…basically he wanted to build something there like blocks of flats or something else.In 2009 he filed a request to the townhall in order to obtain the authorisation to demolish some old buildings on a plot.Here I am not sure if he ment same plot or another one as I can still see the old buildings there on the plot….and this had me thinking that with this whole manipulation they can get this guy as well as he is risking 5 years in jail for not placing a fence around his plot.Something like ‘’I want to build something but the mayor doesn’t allow me to’’ and the mayor tries to force him now to do what he want with that land. of the companies I was talking about)

        I guess this is all I had to say.You can make it public,you can go to Bruxelles with it,you can sue as a foundation the media and the government,you can make and post youtube clips about it or simply and quietly start looking at the family and see where they go on holiday.Sooner or later the kid will showup .

        Please have a look at the definitions I gave you about manipulation and you will see that it was way to big to be just a media run for rating but rather an inside secret services job.Be careful how you handle the whole thing.Remember that all tv stations were only showing how dogs are coming from wolves and kill kids and only pictures with mad dogs and no matter the interviews made in private dog shelters,the end story that went online was that all private dogshelters use public money and are empty while dogs are free on the streets.

      • xnici says:

        Multumesc mult

  2. cometotimmy says:

    One last thought and I’ll leave you alone 🙂

    Again I want to emphasize that up to this point I’ve just loved being here. The markets, the activity, the bustle, the streets, we’ve been to the sea a few times; I love the parks and the placinta dovleac and the sarmale and Alexandrion and tsuica and sunca and the terasas and just the overall feel in the air. First time I stepped foot into this county was about 10 years ago and it really was like love at first sight.

    Since being here these last couple years (long story how that happened), any suggestion about the possibility of having to leave, I go into a panic and declare that I just can’t do that, because I finally found my home; I want to live to a ripe old age, right here in Romania. Then out of nowhere this tragedy comes along and the decision to go kill all the dogs… it’s like a big Oh Shit.

    Thing is, I wouldn’t even call myself an ‘animal lover’ and I’m pretty sure I could never be a vegetarian. My perspective is one which simply sees so many inconsistencies between the story the media gave and what more facts coming out are saying (and I’ve learned a few here I was ignorant of).

    What seems to be happening is that there was an initial attempt to unite two stories or issues into one, to bring about a preset wish, which has always been to kill all the dogs. As more is learned, there is a wider and wider gulf growing between the two. Initially it was: a pack of stray dogs killed a little boy, so we have to kill all the stray dogs (which itself is ludicrous but an emotional first reaction like that is actually understandable). Now that more information is learned, it is more and more becoming: a little boy in Bucharest met a tragic and terrible fate and so many who continue to live will have to live with it for the rest of their lives – I could not begin to imagine that kind of emotional hell. But the big question appears and grows larger: what do the stray dogs have to do with it?

    If we recall, there was going to be a referendum. Now one of the things I cannot do as a temporary resident, is vote. But if they’d had the referendum and if I could vote, I would vote against the euthanasia. However – if the referendum was on the up and up and completely honest, and if the majority really voted for euthanasai, and if it would really solve the stray dog problems, well, I would disagree, I would be sad, but at least my adopted neighbors would’ve decided. I would go back to enjoying this funky never-boring Bucharest, Romania.

    But notice how fast they cancelled the referendum and just went ahead with a decision to ‘euthanize’ all the strays. I suspect that if people learned as much as they are learning now, by the time the referendum came, the majority would be saying: what happend with that little boy is horrible and tragic – but what do the stray dogs have to do with it?

    Okay I’ll leave you alone now. Glad I found this to let go of some of these emotions.

    Take care.

    • xnici says:

      In fact, more than 70% of romanian are against killing dogs, especially that they know that they are killed with cruelty and that euthanasia is only to help an animal not to suffer anymore.

      • cometotimmy says:

        Ah I didn’t know that either. This helps me to now relax my suspicious eyes towards the neighbors.

        I was also not aware that a couple pit bulls were associated with the restaurant suspiciously near the area and I just saw about discovery of the estimated 3-week old cadaver of a pit bull found in that same area.

        More and more it’s looking like someone jumped on the chance to exploit a tragedy and they knew even before these questions appeared that they’d lose the referendum.

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