“Romania is under civilisation standards now! (…) Romania is not a good country for the tourism” – Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI MEP

Follow this link for permanent updates: http://www.exposing-aspa.com/-romania-the-only-country-in-europe-where-police-protects-the-law-breakers.html


Romania, a communist country where not only dogs are abused, but also volunteers! A romanian little girl was hit with the car of ASPA’s chief Razvan Bancescu, a man was hit by a car of dogs catchers and two men and a woman were beaten by the ASPA’s chief Razvan Bancescu – the chief of dogs catchers/killers. The little girl is now in shock, but the chief is free not only to abuse animals but also people. The mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu asked for the help of gendarmes and police to sustain the dogs killers in their campaign of mass killing stray dogs from Romania.

Abused, killed, beaten, our children hit by cars, in shock, we are forced to endure the pain of seeing tortured animals and people, including children just because they have to make lots of money from the blood of the dogs.

EU find out and MEP Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI said that because “Romania is under civilisation standards now! (…) Romania is not a good country for the tourism”.

This is an evil country and I feel in hell every day. Romania is the country from where I want to leave, not a country that I want to visit. In Romania we don’t have politicians, we have demons who rule our country. I have many colleagues with children and I tell them every day to take their children and leave Romania without looking behind. This country has the smell of death and no children should smell this. When I see you all visiting Romania I ask myself: ARE YOU CRAZY? Imagine that if we will come to your country you will have great neighbors, but imagine that a dog killers might be your tomorrow neighbor. Would you raise your children next to a beast?

You can help us by protesting in front of Romanian embassies asking to stop killing stray dogs and to stop abusing, beating, hitting volunteers and their children. And most important tell them to punish abusers!


BELOW YOU CAN SEE THE MONSTER RAZVAN BANCESCU. He smiles after he hit a car with a child in it. The child was taken to the hospital in shock. He was not arrested, just received a fine of 200 lei (44 euros!!!). Can you imagine this? Imagine that you come to Romania and you see this beast hitting a little girl, smiling and after this beating people from streets and killing dogs. Can you imagine how he kill dogs after you saw this? If he treats people like this imagine how he treats animals. But he is sustained by the mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu because he administered a private hospital who belonged to Sorin Oprescu. This is MAFIA people! Italian mafia is nothing compared to Romanian mafia!!! (translate this article with google translate and read it: http://www.b365.ro/bancescu_204064.html)




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One Response to “Romania is under civilisation standards now! (…) Romania is not a good country for the tourism” – Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI MEP

  1. Mel Royal says:

    Wish other MEP would do this.

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