Breaking News – Gewalt in Bukarest

German activists for animal rights beaten in “civilized” Romania by masked people! Police helped them! This is Romania the land without law. Romania an EU country? Are you fucking joking?

Map Of Hope - Strassenhunde in Gefahr


It seems that masked people (suspected to be dogcatchers) have attacked the car of activists this night. More info when available.

Es scheint, als ob vermummte Leute (es werden Hundefänger vermutet) einen Wagen der Aktivisten angegriffen haben. Mehr Info wenn verfügbar

UPDATE 00:17

7 vermummte Personen waren bei dem Überfall auf Claudias Auto beteiligt

7 masked people have been involved in the raid on Claudias car

7 persoane mascate au sarit pe masina lui claudia

UPDATE 00:02 16.07.14

Das Fahrzeug, von dem aus die Deutschen Staatsbürger angegriffen wurden, trägt das amtliche Kennzeichen B-211-CVS, es handelt sich um einen dunkegrauen Audi 100

Masina celor care au atacat cetatenii germani are numarul de inmatriculare B-211-CVS, este un Audi 100 break, gri inchis.
The car that attacked German citizens hast the registration number B-211-CVS. It is a…

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2 Responses to Breaking News – Gewalt in Bukarest

  1. coco says:

    In case anyone is wondering, at this moment, it is ILLEGAL for ASPA to catch and euthanize animals anymore, because that is what THE JUDGES DECIDED.

    why the “local police”, which is not the real police, are helping the (never trained) dog catchers to do something illegal, it is still a mistery.

    in RO, the law is obeyed only by the ones that pay taxes.

  2. Popor de aurolaci ce sintem….. Putin spus….

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